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Insta-Month March

Gluten Free Pancakes with Nutella and Strawberries for Shrove Tuesday // BEST STEAK OF MY LIFE! // Once Upon a Time being back on (yes I saw last nights episode, no I don’t want to talk about it!)
Birthday Selfie // My AMAZING cake made by my best friend Bee // USA travel planning
Plans for when Hayley visited // Kinder Egg Princesses (I now have 5) // New lipstick selfie, it’s MAC’s Party Line
The highlights wereMy birthday obviously, even though I turned 26 and now I’m closer to 30 than 20! I celebrated my birthday FOUR times. Once when my friends from uni came up, once the day before my birthday with my family, the day off my birthday by drinking wine, letting off chinese lanterns and eating cheesecake at Bee’s then the Murder Mystery party Bee threw me. Hayley also came to visit and we spent a great day in Edinburgh sight seeing and then went out for dinner on the second night. And of course yesterday was mothers day, that was lovely until 9pm..
Some things I have been loving… How wonderfully generous my friends have been with their time and lovely gifts for my birthday. How much Little Miss is coming on, she’s such good company these days!
My favourite purchase.. My flights to the USA for August EEEE!
Biggest regrets have been… Not sticking to my spending ban, at all, in the slightest. WHOOPS!
Next month I hope… That things continue to improve rather than go backwards.
Next month I’m looking forward to… Taking Little Miss to see the new Tinker Bell movie, first time at the cinema! At the moment nothing else due to being so skint. Maybe meeting Tasha and Chloe for afternoon tea. Hopefully.
March was once again, a really good month, until yesterday night at 9pm. But hopefully that will be sorted soon. On the whole it was the best month I’ve had in a LONG time and I hope things continue to improve in that vein. NO MORE BAD LUCK PLEASE! 
Hope you all had a good March too.
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