Brand of the Month – Cath Kidston

It’s been ages since I shared a Brand of the Month post, and by the title it should technically be bi-monthly but more often than not I have loads of other things to write about so this series gets forgotten. This month however I placed a pretty big order with Cath Kidston and I figured sharing that, as well as some other Cath Kidston goodies I own warranted it being BOTM.
My love affair with Cath Kidston products has been going on for years, however it wasn’t until a couple of years back was I lucky enough to own some from the range. This is mainly due to money, and the fact when I was in relationships, none of my exes would have ever been okay with a shabby chic style home (haha they should see my place now!) Now all my money is my own, I feel I have more freedom in what I treat myself to, so that of course means Cath Kidston. Not just for me, but for Little Miss too! If I could afford it, my whole house would be filled with CK, but at the moment, I’m sticking to accessories, and I’m so pleased to see my collection forever growing. 
As I’m going on holiday twice this year (and maybe even two trips to London as well!) I used my eBay selling funds this month to treat myself to some travel accessories that will definitely come in handy.

So. Much. Flora. As you can guess from the fact my bedding and all my Cath Kidston items, I like floral patterns which is what made me fell in love with CK in the first place. Even now when browsing the website, I’m still very much drawn to the florals above all patterns (although I admit to having a soft spot for the toadstools!) which is probably why everything I own is some kind of flowery pattern.
The first items I ever bought from Cath Kidston were the three items that are white with floral on, the pattern is actually called “Bleached Flowers“. However, I’ll be the first to admit that as beautiful as they are, white accessories that go in your hand bag are not the best for staying clean! I think both the wash bags, as they contain make up rather than toiletries have been through the wash a few times. I own the Wash Bag which retails for £12, the cosmetics bag which is now discontinued and the glasses case, which is also discontinued. But both are available in other patterns.
Then I bought Little Miss a backpack when she started to go to nursery last year. As she only goes for a couple of hours at a time I didn’t want to leave the big changing bag with her, so I splashed out on an adorable backpack. I instantly fell in love with this blue and red floral mini backpack, which set me back £18. However, a year and a half on, it’s still in use and now she can wear it herself. 
In my recent haul I finally got my hands on my very own Cath Kidston backpack, I’ve been desperate for one since Little Miss got hers. In their mid season sale they this gorgeous one marked down to £30 from £45, which was the deciding factor for placing the order. It’s not longer on the site to link you all too, but as you can see above it’s a greyish blue with again, you guessed it, flowers! I used it to go away at the weekend and it fitted so much in and was so comfortable to wear! It’s going to be used as my hand luggage both times I go away this year and will be especially useful to take to Paris when I have to cart colouring books, rag dolls and the likes with me. 
Finally, since I saw a few other bits I really wanted in the sale, and if I hiked up my basket to over £50 I’d receive free shipping, I really decided to splash out. I bought a new passport cover with matching travel documents holder in the Little Rose pattern (now both sold out). I love to be matchy matchy so these will be great when I’m off on my holidays. I’ve also been recommended by Hayley to get a neck pillow for my flight and bus ride from DC to NYC so when I saw this cute Kew Sprigs Travel Pillow Set reduced to £9, I had to have that as well.
I also have a mug, but while photographing for this post it was soaking in the sink as it’s my mug cake mug! But it’s also floral haha! 
What do you think of Cath Kidston? Do you own anything from there?
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