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Outfit of the Day – Short Skirt and a Long Jacket

I’m super exhausted today since my mum thought it would be a good idea to paint pace eggs in the garden, queue two children (and my mother) with paint in their hair and a whole load of mess. Because of this I’m just giving you what I know you allllllll want, another outfit post! 
The title of this post is inspired by the Cake song Short Skirt/Long Jacket because the skirt on my dress is shorter than I’d ever usual wear. Good job it has a pretty collar! Also, I apologise for my gammy eyes, this was taken just as my hayfever started to take over. Boo hiss.

Grey Blazer (last season), Topshop
Slouchy Knit £9.99, New Look
Audrey Collar Pleated Skater Dress £14.13*, Wear All
Black Tights £1.99, Primark
Wedge Shoe Boots (last season), New Look
Black Pandora Wrap Bracelet £45, John Greed
Anyone else think pinkish nude colours just go lovely with grey? I received this dress from Wear All earlier in the week and I just love how Spring like it is! It has a cute pleated skirt and the reason it’s a winner for me is the fact it has a collar! My go to outfit is a dress with a collar and a little jumper over the top. Now that the weather is finally improving it means I can layer an outfit up with a little blazer rather than my winter coat. This is my favourite blazer, it’s lined making it a little heavier but because of the 3/4 length sleeves it means it’s just perfect to throw over the next few months. As for the jumper, I actually own three of these, this one, a green one and a turquoise one. They are so thin which makes them perfect for layering over dresses. Black tights purely is because i’m gross and I haven’t got into the routine of shaving my legs all the time yet.. and I’ve finished off the outfit with my wedge shoe boots I bought last week from New Look. The wedge is just the right size to make my legs look good with a shorter skirt without giving me blisters. The only piece of jewellery I’m wearing is my Pandora bracelet. I’ve been going for minimal jewellery and accessories lately because when my hair is down it’s like an accessory in itself!

If you’re wondering a little bit more about Wear All, they’re one of my newest discoveries in the terms of shopping online. Brilliant prices and so fantastic basics, perfect if you’re a girl who loves to layer up like me. I have my eye on this Batman Dungaree Skirt for Comic Con on the Friday, it’s so quirky and geeky!

So if anyone was wondering what I wear on a day to day basis just to be casual, this is basically this. The next level down is whatever I slept in the night before! Now talking of sleep, time for a nap! 
Hope you all had a more relaxing Good Friday than I did! 
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