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Outfit of the Day – #EatSleepBlogRepeat

Today I’ve been to The Land of the Geordies for a blog meet with the most wonderful of names #EatSleepBlogRepeat. It was organised by the truly lovely Paul who runs the blog Taste of the North and he was a very gracious host. I have to admit that I was pretty damn excited since I haven’t made it to any blogger events so far this year due to my parents being unable to babysit or having something else on that day. I was also nervous, as I always am, especially when it came to walking in myself. However I recognised Kloe of Skulls & Kisses almost straight away and she was sat with her friend Abbey from The Girl Who Wears a Bow Tie and Chloe of New Girl in Toon. We were shortly joined by Steph of Jellybean Adventures. It was a really fun afternoon, the two hours just flew and it was nice to meet some more North East bloggers! 

I had a bit of a dilemma this morning with what to wear due to the fact I had five new dresses all arrive at once! Four from Boohoo and one from Beau Boutique, all paid for with store credit I have been lucky enough to win! In the end my new Beau Boutique dress won out and it’s a cutie!

Tartan Tea Dress in Blue £14, Beau Boutique
Black V-Neck Cardigan £4, Primark
Black Double Breasted Coat (hand me down), H&M
Mint Green Frill Socks £1.50, Primark
Cut Out Boots (traded), Vinted
Lotta Rosie in Ebony Hairband £18, Crown and Glory
Bonjour Necklace £27, Tatty Devine
Rose Ring £1, Miss Geekay
Moonstone Ring (last year), Dixi Jewellery
Bag £10.80, Dorothy Perkins
When I’m baby free for the afternoon and I’m going somewhere not in my hometown, I see it as a chance to really embrace my style. I teamed the cute Beau Boutique dress (which by the way is only £14 and also comes in mint green!) with bare legs and frilled ankle socks as I’m really into that look at the moment, along with my cut out boots that I shared earlier this week in my Vinted Girl outfit. These have a slight heel on them but since I always feel over dressed wearing heels here, I wanted to wear them today. They were so comfortable too! It was pretty cold and misty today so to compensate for the fact I had my legs out I wore first a cardigan over my dress, then my heavy (but smart) winter coat that my sister gave me earlier this year. Unfortunately the way I’m standing in the photo looks like i’m concealing a baby bump… which I most definitely am not, unless I’m carrying the next incarnation of Christ, which I seriously doubt. ANYWAY. Again, when I’m Little Miss free I tend to wear more accessories than I otherwise would. I wore my lovely Lotta Rosie hairband, I’m so obsessed with floral hairbands at the moment and you honestly can’t get any better than Crown and Glory. I also wore my favourite necklace of the moment, my Tatty Devine name necklace that actually says “Bonjour” as I do have a necklace with my name on and it last made an appearance as part of my Spring Has Not Sprung outfit. My Pandora bracelet is always a must when I don’t have to change nappies and I also wore two rings too since I didn’t have the fear of catching them on a small one. Finally, my bag is the same as the one I shared in my O is for Owl outfit post, a complete bargain for just over a tenner from Dorothy Perkins and it’s big enough to fit my SLR. Bonus!
Hope you’ve all had an enjoyable Saturday like I have! 
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