Outfit of the Day – On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

Although I’ve already blogged today, I have been planning an outfit for weeks especially for this day. Today is 10 years since Mean Girls was first released, and since Mean Girls wear pink on a Wednesday, my Twitter and Instagram feeds have been filled with photos of people wearing pink. Of course I’m not exception. I had originally ordered one of Jojo’s t-shirts but I left it late and it hasn’t arrived in time. It will still get a lot of wear and it’s actually not pink, it’s white. I did have a moments panic last night because I didn’t even think Little Miss and I owned anything pink, but thankfully we do. 

I am so happy that I’m of the Mean Girls generation. Ten years ago I was sixteen and I went to see the movie at the cinema with friends for someones birthday. And thus the eternal quoting began. The film is just hilarious, so quotable and the cast is flawless. Mean Girls has become iconic, up there with Clueless and The Breakfast Club. It’s screen play is by Tina Fey (and she also stars in it) who I just think is a comedy genius. It also spawned my love for Rachel McAdams.You Go Glenn Coco, has become a regular saying among anyone of the Mean Girls generation, a girl I went to college with even named her hamster “Glen Coco” seriously!
So today, in honour of Mean Girls being such a big part of my late teens and early twenties, I am wearing pink. 

As you can see, even Little Miss is in on the action!
Pink Dress £19.99, H&M
Black Tights £1.99, Primark
Disney Couture Drink Me Bottle Necklace £8.10, eBay
Dainty Doll It’s My Party Lipstick (review here), Fragrance Direct
No7 Cheeky Chops Nail Varnish, Boots
This is one of the few pink items I actually own. I don’t feel like pink suits me and hot pink clashes with my hair these days. But I love this dress so much, the cut of it and the colour. I love that I can wear it with a long sleeved top under during the colder months and I can wear it in the summer too. I bought it a few years back, one of my first purchases after I had Little Miss and it’s still in great condition. I am actually wearing a black cardigan over the top, the one I shared in my Lucky Denver Mint outfit but since it’s all about the pink today, I’m not wearing it in the photos. I’ve teamed it with some black tights because it’s bloody FREEZING here today, thick fog and a cold wind. And I will be back in my winter boats, but they’re falling apart and not worth photographing. My necklace is one I won on eBay, I’m trying to get more Disney Couture pieces and I won this one for £8.10 including recorded delivery. So, because I felt I needed more pink in my life especially on this day of all days, I have pink lipstick, my favourite because it’s so long lasting, It’s My Party by Dainty Doll that I got last year from Fragrance Direct and some pink nail vanish that I bought with a No7 voucher. I even have Little Miss in pink today, her top and leggings are from Next (in the sale) and her Sofia shoes are Disney Store and I bought them to go with her Sofia dress. 
And now, I’m leaving you with my favourite Mean Girls related thing on the web, the Disney Princesses do Mean Girls. Enjoy! 
Are you wearing pink today? 
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