Collage Canvas Print from Red Canvas LTD Review

Collage Canvas Print 16×30* £67.50 (full price £80), Red Canvas LTD

So what do you guys think to my latest piece of wall art? I have to admit, not only is it stunning and I can’t stop looking at it, and all the memories hidden within it, but the service I received from Red Canvas LTD was second to none. I think I’ll be raving about them as one of the best companies i’ve ever worked with in regards to my blog for years to come. Because you see, my collage canvas is 100% tailored to my preferences. From the design to the placement and font of my quote. Red Canvas LTD is the perfect place to go if you want unique customer service for a photo collage designed from your photos.
I could have gone for a collage canvas print of photos from Little Miss’ life so far but as she’s constantly changing I want something that would always be relevant to me. I have a lot of wall space in my bedroom too so a collage of my holidays from the past five years seemed perfect. I dealt with the lovely Rami for the whole of my Red Canvas LTD experience, and after we decided first on the size for my canvas, I was then informed I needed about 50 photos. I went through all my photos from Skiathos, Rhodes, New York (x2), London, Cornwall and Paris, picking out the best assortment and favourite snaps. I was also shown a selection of layouts to pick from and I choose the one you can see above. You could also have overlapping or gaps. I like mine as it looks like each photo is stand alone. Then I was offered the option of adding text. I decided to go with one of my all time favourite travel quotes;
The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” – St Augustine
I also chose to have text on either side marking the dates of these holidays. I figured if I wanted to buy another at a future date I would probably go for holidays I have been on since. I also got to pick out what font I wanted, and I could have even had two different fonts which was tempting but in the end I settled on the same. Once the collage canvas was completed which took less than a week, it was dispatched on one day and arrived the next. Red Collage LTD ship world wide and offer free UK postage. 
If I’m 100% honest here, I did get completely choked up when I opened it. It’s so perfect. I went through each photo and could remember the moment when it was taken, and I was happy, truly happy, when I took them or they were taken. The colours are so vivid and the detailing is exquisite.
Over all, I can’t recommend Red Canvas LTD enough as the go to place for customer designed collage canvas prints. The company is ran solely by Rami from her own studio so it really is a bespoke service. Not only that but Red Canvas LTD offers to scan old photos free of charge if you would like a collage designed from photos that were taken on the old film cameras. Which really is unique and I know this is a service that my parents and grandparents would love! There is currently a sale on which I’ve been told will be on for a fair while, so get yourselves over there!
Thank you so much Rami at Red Canvas LTD, I’m truly in love with my one of a kind collage canvas print!
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