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Today I have for you the first of my guest post swaps. I really love sharing bloggers on Cocktails in Teacups and what better way to do this than having them guest post for me. Today I’ll have a post going up over on another blog, so you won’t be hearing from me (aside from this little paragraph!) The blogger today is writing about a subject I am so envious of, so I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as me! I give you Lisa from Every Day Lisa Mae
 Many little girls dream of growing up to become a Disney Princess. 
Most grow out of that innocent stage of life before they even hit their teenage years, but that’s just not my style. I’m the type of girl that still watches cartoon movies featuring talking animals and takes a nine-hour flight across the Atlantic to Walt Disney World Resort every few years with her family. As Peter Pan taught us, there’s no need to grow up, so I intend to continue my life as if magic really does exist. 
If there’s anywhere that can sprinkle out real-life pixie dust to make dreams come true, it has to be Disney World in Florida. That’s why on the 3rd June I will be leaving to work there for an entire summer. The three-year-old inside me is practically bursting with glee, and, let’s face it, the 19 year-old can’t wait either. 
Theme park jobs may not be the most glamorous in the world, but anyone with a love of the Disney magic couldn’t turn down a summer job at one of the world’s most prestigious companies. For just over two months, I will be working ten hour shifts serving food to the thousands of visitors that pass through the turnstiles every day. It’s not the same as working down at the local Weatherspoon’s, though. Disney is all about creating magic for their guests, and that comes from their cast members (or staff, if you aren’t fluent in Disney-speak). How about starting your shift by taking a little princess and a pirate backstage to meet one of their favourite movie characters? Or leading the restaurant in song? Sounds like my kind of job. 
Unsurprisingly, thousands of students apply for the job of a lifetime every single year, but there are only just over 200 people that make the cut. The recruiters don’t gloss over anything – it is a job at the end of the day, and a very demanding one at that. Everyone on the program has to share an apartment on Disney property, which includes sharing a bedroom. But it’s an amazing way to make friends from all over the globe because the company recruit their staff from all over. During the time that working and sleeping don’t take up, summer cast members get free access into all of the parks to make memories of their own. The parades, the characters, the iconic rides and shows are all a short bus ride from the apartments. 
I can’t wait to get started. 
To see if you could be eligible to get a job like this next summer, visit If you want to hear more about my adventure and other things happening in my life, then head on over to my blog
Thanks Lisa for guest blogging for me, please head over to Every Day Lisa Mae if you want to hear more about her adventures (or to read my guest post about what I’m taking on holiday!)
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