Firmoo Prescription Lense Sunglasses Review

For someone who didn’t wear glasses until 16, my eye sight is getting progressively worse with each year that passes. I know in a few years time I will be like my sister and need to wear my glasses (or contacts in her case) constantly. One of my biggest gripes with wearing my glasses happens in the summer, it’s the glare from the sun. I hate when I can see it in my lenses which is why when Firmoo offered me a pair of sunglasses (or glasses) to review, I was pretty excited as I’d known from other blogger reviews that I’d be able to get them fixed with my prescription. I have to say that since they arrived last week, they have become a complete game changer! Being able to see in HD outside on a sunny day is amazing and it has reduced all my sun related headaches to 0! Something I am so insanely happy about. 
So who ARE Firmoo? Well, let me tell you a little bit about the company before I tell you about my new sunglasses. Firmoo is an online global optical store who has the sole purpose of providing affordable and fashionable eye wear to the public, with or without prescription. Before being contacted I was aware of Firmoo and I have to admit I was honoured to be invited to join their family as after all, I’d only heard good things and today I’m going to be adding to those good things.

#FS1019 Sunglasses* £38.64, Firmoo
Using the website is so simple! You simply browse for a pair of frames you like, there is loads of choice so you’re bound to find something to suit your style and shape of face. There is even a handy “on face” image that allows you to see how it will look and to see the size in comparison. Personally I like reasonably large frames due to having a full moon face. On each page there is exact measurements and information about frame types. Once selected and added to your basket, you simply follow the instructions. You are able to select “prescription” or “non-prescription” I of course went for prescription and the next step allows you to add this in. Then you can choose to have your lenses clear or tinted. Not only this but if you go for tinted you can select the colour! Mine are the dark brown option as I wanted “vintage” look sunglasses. Then once you add them to your basket, you simply pay and order.
From selecting and ordering my glasses, they arrived within a week and this is included being shipped from the US. I was so impressed by this especially since they’re made exactly to my specifications. They arrived with the wonderful map patterned case (which was an amazing bonus and right up my street) a sleeve, a cloth for cleaning and a small screw driver for tightening.

The glasses themselves are actually unisex, but in my opinion they look pretty girly. I love the round frames. They’re really good quality despite being plastic frames. They look so much more awesome in person than on the website and despite owning 300 million pairs of sunglasses (okay, I exaggerate) these are my favourite by far, not just because they mean I can see properly, but because they suit me perfectly and live in a beautiful case.

I would (and have) 100% recommend Firmoo for prescription sunglasses or glasses. I wouldn’t go past them should I need more pairs as they have so many other pairs I could have chosen! I’m so glad I have these sunglasses to take on holiday this year, and I definitely may have to purchase a cheeky pair for Florida next April!

Firmoo have also informed me that their First Pair Free Program is now up and running, I really recommend you check it out!

Have you ever ordered from Firmoo? What are your favourite style of sunglasses?
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