Summer Recipes with Baking Mad

The other week I was sent a hamper of goodies c/o Baking Mad which was actually perfect timing as it was my sister’s birthday the following week. I am the chief cake baker in the family and I always try to do something different for each birthday. My dad had chocolate and salted caramel, my mum had sponge and fresh berries and for my sister, since her birthday is in July, I’d planned on making her an ice cream themed cake! 
I don’t have a recipe to share with you all since to achieve my ice cream masterpiece I actually mashed together quite a few recipes from Baking Mad’s summer recipes selection although the vanilla butter icing was Betty Crocker as mine always seems to melt when it’s hot! And of course I bought the sprinkles and wafers. But the whipped cream, mine, the jam, mine and the sponge, mine. Each layer is actually a completely different cake as I wanted to create a Neapolitan effect that actually tasted of the colours. The top layer is strawberry milkshake, the middle is vanilla yellow sponge and the bottom is a light chocolate as I didn’t want anything too heavy to weight the cake down. Between each layer I spread homemade raspberry jam & fresh whipped cream to give it that really summery taste. 
And here is my finished article.
Like all my cakes it was a little on the messy side, apart from the layers, damn I got those layers down to a fine art! However it tasted great (as usual) and despite it being a rather large cake, there wasn’t any left by the time my dad came home on Thursday. I two days is definitely a record!
What’s your favourite sort of cake? Have you ever used Baking Mad for a recipe for it?
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