Facacia Anti-Bacterial Serum and Face Wash, First Impressions

Facacia Skincare System Anti-Bacterial Facial Wash & Serum* £29.99, QVC

Firstly, I apologise for the terrible quality of these photos. Unfortunately I haven’t seen day light for the past couple of days due to the constant showers. Now I’m not complaining (well, maybe a little bit) it is a nice break from the muggy heat but it sucks for taking blog photos in natural light and since i’m not flush with cash enough to afford a light box (or whatever it’s called) I have had to use my bedroom light, which of course covers the room in that yellow tinge which is a nightmare to get rid of! 
ANYWAY, I really wanted to share two fab new products from a brand that I really hope will become a household name, Facacia. As they products are new, this is my first impressions post and later on this month or early next month after I have trialed these for a sufficient amount of time I’ll bring you all the full review.
I don’t know about any of you, but once a month all the spots that have been threatening to make an appearance pop up to say hello, which sucks because I kinda like having nice skin the other three weeks a month. Nothing really prevents these horrible hormonal spots but I’m always on the hunt for new products to try that will treat them in double quick time. That is how I came across Facacia. The Anti-Bacterial Face Wash followed by the serum is hopefully what I’ve been searching for, this duo has been tested and deemed safe for all skin types so I have no fear in giving it a try, even with my sensitive skin. 
A little bit about Facacia as it is the new skincare brand on the block.. Facacia Skincare System is a favourite of Gary Cockerill, one of the UK’s most respected make up artist to stars such as Kelly Brooke & Amanda Holden. He swears by this duo for creating a clear and well maintained canvas which helps with the application of make up. The face wash gives the skin a deep clean while the serum replenishes the vitamins and minerals lost throughout the day and usage of make up. 
The Anti-Bacterial Face Wash is a duo formula in itself, a combined cleanser and toner formulated to cleanse pores and reduce excess oil which are known to be the main culprit in spot causing. The pump makes it easy to apply and after using it this morning my skin wasn’t tight like other spot fighting cleansers leave it. The pumps is easy to use even when your hands are wet so it’s perfect to use in the shower. The Anti-Bacterial Serum is a great follow up to the face wash as it’s enriched with vitamin A, B, B5 and E which moisturises and protects the skin. It also calms any redness and the anti-bacterial in it helps prevent any further break outs. I’m not normally a fan of serums as I find they can leave your skin quite greasy looking however this sinks into the skin quickly leaving it soft and ready for make up application. Both products are fragrance free and enriched with Acacia extract which is renowned for it’s anti oxidant properties making these two products for anyone with a t zone like mine, both sensitive and oily. 
So far, I can’t do nothing but rave about Facacia so come back in a few weeks to see how i’m getting on with this brilliant sounding duo. Lets see if I can have a clear chin and forehead for when my holiday rolls around in a few weeks time!
Facacia is launching on QVC today for a price of £29.99 for both products.
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