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Outfit of the Day – “Whatever You Do, Do it Well”*

– Walt Disney
This weeks outfit of the day, is once again outside.. but it is a bit of a cop out as I took them in my garden. It wasn’t supposed to be like this, I actually walked to the promenade all set to take some with my tripod but then I realised I’d left my remote at home. So that killed that idea. And it was so typical that by the time I got home the sun had gone and it was all grey. 
Here I am, in another blue dress that I got way back in April during my Vinted phase that I have kept a hold of for my holidays. I love it because a) the shirt style suits my body shape and b) it feels like I’m joining in the crop top fun without showing off my baby belly. It’s perfect for city break when it’s hot. Obviously I won’t be wearing it with cut out boots or a denim jacket while I’m in the US, but of course while I’m still enjoying our British Summer I need to make sure I’m ready for the cloud cover!

Denim Jacket (last summer), Primark
Cut Out Denim Dress £6, Topshop Via Vinted
Blue frill Socks £1.50, Primark
Cut Out Boots, Traded for on Vinted
Ampersand Ring £1, Ever Ours
Walt Disney Brooch (a prize in an Instagram Giveaway), Hopscotch Vintage
Magic Kingdom Necklace £4, Alice Vitrum

In comparison to my last outfit post which was all about the dress, this one definitely has a lot more too it, including a few Disney touches. A couple of months ago I won a US giveaway with Hopscotch Vintage and one of the prizes was this cute Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse brooch, it has taken pride of place on my favourite Primark denim jacket. Although it’s fairly big, due to the fact it’s in black and white it doesn’t draw the eye right to it. My other Disney touch is in the form of a Magic Kingdom necklace I bought from one of my favourite stores on Etsy, Alice Vitrum. As I have mentioned many many times, Magic Kingdom is my one true home so it’s only right I show my love in the form of a pretty piece of jewellery. I’m also wearing much more overstated shoes, cut out boots to match my cut out dress. They’re so ridiculously comfy despite having a heel! I bought the Ampersand ring in the last Ever Ours sale as I obsessively use &&& if I wish to extend a sentence where I have already used and. Naughty naughty.

This is one of those outfits that could easily be changed from day to night. Swapping my ol’ faithful denim jacket for a fab leather jacket like this one from Esprit would give the outfit more of an edge that would be great to wear while out for cocktails in a flash bar.  

My make up may be a mess thanks to hayfever and my hair needs dyed, but for once I was rather pleased with this outfit. It still would have looked so much more awesome if all the photos had been taken on the prom…
Although it’s hardly an attractive photo and I look as awkward as hell… so maybe it was for the best!
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