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Some of us know all too well that acne isn’t confined to the playground. Many adults still live with the effects of teenage skin through acne scarring – the unsightly bumps and lumps that stayed once the zits have disappeared. 
Acne scarring is a condition that can often cause our self-esteem to take a bit of a beating. However, the good news is, there are a range of treatments available for those who suffer from acne scarring. But first, let’s take a look at what causes this kind of scarring.
What causes acne scars?
Acne scars form as a result of abnormal collagen activity during the healing process. Even if all the blemishes and pimples have cleared, the acne scars can remain for years. Whilst it’s hard to cure acne scars completely, there are treatments available here that have received positive reviews from happy, fresh-faced patients. Generally treatment involves using the thing that creates the scars – collagen – and getting it to finally behave itself! 
Why are they such an issue?
Most people get acne on their face – so if your skin is covered in unsightly scars, it’s not the best for one’s self esteem. Having adult acne treated can really give someone a new lease on life. 
What treatments are out there?
There are a variety of treatments available to reduce the visibility of scarring caused by acne. Most treatments revolve around stimulating new collagen formations to repair the old damage. This ensures the acne scars are healed in the right way. 
The first option uses lasers, which seems to be the solution to many ailments these days! The lasers create tiny little perforations in the skin, which stimulates the collagen to go to that area and heal it. With the collagen being stimulated correctly, this method works effectively to heal the area. Laser treatments are a bit of a timely process with noticeable results appearing after three to six months.
Another common technique is skin needling. This uses eDermastamp/Dermaroller’s to create what is known as mechanical injuries on the skin, effectively aiding the collagen to heal the damage. Skin needling is a popular choice amongst people who have darker skin tones as the heat generated by lasers can affect skin pigmentation. Compared to laser treatments, the effects of this method are more immediate for those requiring more of a quick fix.
The third common treatment is through Platelet Rich Plasma, also known as PRP. Platelets are a cell that activates healing and the replenishment of cells; also activating the collagen to heal the affected areas, resulting in the improved appearance of scars.
Being affected by adult acne can be very damaging to one’s self esteem, especially if the scarring is around the face or exposed areas. Whilst it’s not a subject that those affected by it really like to talk about all that often, there are treatments available that vastly reduce the appearance of those affected by adult acne scarring. So if you know someone who struggles with the scarring, perhaps let them know that new, effective treatments are available – they might appreciate it more than you imagine!

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