Outfit of the Day – Hey Mama Welcome to the Sixties

JD Williams kindly got in touch and asked me to take part in their Classic or Contemporary campaign. They gave me the chance to pick a couple of items from their website that are a style from another decade that have recently come back into fashion. My first thought was the 20s, 40s or 50s as that’s the style of clothing I usually go for in my day to day however as soon as I saw the collar on the swing dress, I knew it was the one and that my outfit would be 60s inspired. Although fashion wise I’m definitely drawn mainly to the 20s and 50s, I am hopelessly in love with the fashion icons of the 60s such as Edie Sedgwick, Twiggy and Audrey Hepburn. It’s Audrey Hepburn’s style in Breakfast at Tiffany’s that had me decide on the trench and beret combo which will be perfect in the Autumn weather (when it arrives!) I loved my choices and I was surprised at how much choice there was on JD Williams, with it being a website I’d never explored before! It’s aimed at size 12 & above which is the category I just fit into (although I do find the trench a little bit roomy for my liking) but there are some brilliant names such as Joe Browns and Ava. Not only do they stock women’s clothing but there is a huge range of household, mens and even kids!

Grey Beret (ancient), Primark
Black Trench Coat* £23, JD Williams 
Collared Swing Dress* £30, JD Williams 
Mock Knee High Tights £2.99, Primark
Black Bowler Bag (as seen here), Vinted
Black Brogues* £39.99, Clarks
Sunglasses* $49.99, Firmoo
I apologise for these photos, but I’m so off my game since my holiday. I really wish I had someone to take them for me! Oh well, I don’t look too bad even if the photography is terrible.. 

For my outfit I decided to take classical elements of sixties style such as the khol eyes, trench coat, swing dress and knee highs and turn into into a more contemporary look with my rich lips, crochet collar and mock knee high tights. I think you can definitely tell that this is a sixties inspired statement.

The beret is the oldest one I own, I bought it from Primark when I was in college almost ten years ago! Back then no one wore them but I loved it because it was so French! The dress & trench are of course, JD Williams. I love the colour of the dress, it’s perfect for my A/W wardrobe although I will be taking it up about an inch or so as it ends up almost being a midi due to the fact I’m so short. I love the trench, not only does it look good but it’s also waterproof! The bag is from Vinted and is one of my favourites because it even fits my DSLR in, it looks small but it’s deceiving. I love that it can be a bowler bag or across the body! I decided to go for knee high tights rather than socks to give the outfit a more modern look, mock suspender type tights are incredibly popular these days, I myself own many pairs. My sunglasses are another pair from Firmoo, this is my second pair of the summer and I love them just as much as my first pair. Again they have my prescription lenses in and they were super ease to order. I was so happy that they arrived within the week so I was able to take them with me on holiday. Despite having thin gold legs this time, they are incredibly strong and survived being tossed around in my handbag while I misplaced my case (and yes the case was the beautiful map covered one again).

The shoes have become a staple since returning from my holidays. As i’ve mentioned before I ruined my feet with blisters so when Clarks offered me a voucher for a pair of new A/W shoes it was like all my Christmases and Birthdays had come at once! I went for a classic pair of black brogues because these are my ultimate shoe but usually I can only afford a pair from New Look or Primark. Buying a real leather pair of black brogues has been a bit of a dream and they have had so much usage already. I am loving Clarks at the moment for adults shoes, I had completely forgotten about the place yet my most favourite ever heels came from there many years ago. Not only that, but they’ve released an amazing new Orla Kiely range I’m desperate to get my hands on!

What’s your favourite decade for fashion?
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