Berwick Food & Beer Festival September 2014

Usually I’m someone who is very much “Oh we did this last week” or “we did this the other day” but today I’m actually sharing a post about what I did, today! This is a rarity but as I’m still under the weather I wanted to share photographs rather than a lot of text.
This weekend in my hometown, it’s my favourite festival, the Food and Beer Festival. Of course, beer & ale I can leave but they also have loads of local produce and possibly my favourite drink for the summer, strawberry cider. It’s also my dad’s favourite festival, and after today, possibly Little Miss’ too! So of course at lunchtime today my parents picked me up and we headed into town. 
First port of call was some lunch. As usual my mother and I went for paella as it comes with fresh bread which Little Miss would enjoy and my dad had a tortilla wrap as well as paella. We took up a table in beer tent and of course I had some strawberry cider to wash it down. We bumped into friends and family along the way before heading into the old Barracks where the produce stalls were. There was live music which Little Miss loved, she danced along to Fleetwood Mac and Pink Floyd, my dad was very impressed. There were also llamas, goats and live chickens which although I’m pretty terrified of farm animals, Little Miss rather enjoyed. She also enjoyed the wooden cow that you could pretend to milk (it was only water though) The weather was lovely too which made the afternoon even more enjoyable.

It has been an enjoyable day and I’ve come away with some delicious goodies which I plan to eat this weekend before I really knuckle down on the weightloss front. You know what they say.. “enjoy the feast before the fast!” 
Do you enjoy local festivals? What’s the best one you’ve attended?
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