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Ariel iPhone 6 Case by OnlyCases

Ariel iPhone 6 Case £10.15, Etsy
Finally this morning my new iPhone 6 case arrived and I’m so in love with it that I simply had to share it tonight. 
I got my iPhone the day they were released last month. I had an iPhone 5 that had slowly started to function less about July, pretty much to the week it was due for an upgrade. I’d had it two years and it had taken a good battering as phones belong to mothers of children do. And the fact, I’m clumsy. Even though I was due an upgrade in July, I decided to wait it out for new model, and I’m so glad I did. I think after three iPhones (4,5 & now 6) I could never have anything other than an iPhone. Yes, like with all phones, they have their faults but they’re just so easy to use, and lets not forget, they’re bloody pretty. I ended up switching providers from EE to Vodafone due to the fact despite having EE (originally Orange) for 10 years, since getting my first phone at 16, they still wanted to increase my monthly payment and charge £100 for the handset! After a few phone calls Vodafone offered me the exact same minutes/texts/data for £5 less and a free handset. Done. 
So that’s the phone story.. I’m sure none of you needed to know all that.. 
ANYWAY, for me, my favourite part is choosing the case! As I had pre-ordered my phone it meant looking for a case to be here for the day of release was difficult. No where really had pretty ones so I ordered a 99p gel case from eBay with some screen protectors until I found something more. I ended up resorting to eBay and that’s where I came across OnlyCases based in China. They had great feedback from all over the world so I decided I’d take the plunge and order one.
The actual picking one was the post difficult, and for a long time I was tempted to order two, but since i’m supposed to be saving for Christmas/LM’s birthday/Florida I ended up only ordering one. Some of my other choices were this Tangled Floating Lights one, this Tinker Bell one and another Tangled one, all £10.15 each. I ended up choosing Ariel because my make up bag and my purse are also Ariel so they all match. I also adore the art work. I am a complete sucker for artistic interpretations of Disney princesses. My iPhone 5 case was a sketch of Rapunzel. 
The case itself is incredibly durable for being plastic. Normal plastic feels quite flimsy but this one feels like a gel/plastic case hybrid. It fits perfectly and the picture is printed on it beautifully. It doesn’t show up here but it actually has specks of glitter which I absolutely love. It arrived within three weeks as it was sent from China by the cheapest method, it didn’t bother me as I find that’s standard with items purchased in the far east. It came well packaged too meaning there was no way it could get damaged in transit.
I am so incredibly happy with it, and when I do have a little bit more money I will definitely by investing in a back up in case this ends up broken or I get bored of it. I really wish they made iPad mini cases too..
What case/cover do you have on your phone?
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