Paul Mitchell “The Gift of Style” Event

Last night I was lucky enough to attend another Paul Mitchell event. I went to one back in May, and it was actually one of my favourite blogger events to date. So on hearing of another one, I jumped at the chance. Since my original event, I have been a Paul Mitchell convert and I swear by the Dry Wash for ensure I don’t need to wash my hair more than twice a week, it’s a godsend! Once again the event was held at one of Newcastle’s Gary Hedley Salons but unfortunately this time Gary couldn’t be there so I was thankful to have met him last time. However the salon staff and the Paul Mitchell staff on hand were as friendly and as welcoming as ever. 

Kloe of Skulls & Kisses having her hair styled
Once again there were trays of sushi being served to us by half naked men (much to Kloe‘s delight!) and we always had a full glass in our hands. I went for some prosecco as I always need the dutch courage when it comes to letting someone play with my hair (especially as this time my scalp was still red from my latest dye!)

I had my hair styled by a really professional lady, but not only that but she was easy to make small talk with which is usually something that puts me off going to a hairdressers. She gave my some fantastic curls that all the other bloggers in attendance agreed made my hair look more mermaid-esq than usual. Winner! She also introduced me to Spray Wax which I think is possibly a new love as getting up this morning my hair looked awesome after sleeping on my curls. I definitely need to invest in it. I feel so bad for not catching her name! 
Again, it was a truly enjoyable event. Such a relaxed and friendly environment with plenty of staff on hand to talk you through anything you were interested in such as their Christmas gift sets (I really want The Art of Bathtime), and my number one lust product, the Neuro Curl (which is what was used to curl my hair). They weren’t pushy, just welcoming and eager to please, but myself and the other bloggers I attended with had plenty of time to catch up with each other! It was incredibly nice to be recognised by the Paul Mitchell team, that’s a mark of good PR. 
Not only was the night incredibly enjoyable, we all came away with incredibly generous goody bags! They included Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam (RRP £10.50), Paul Mitchell Daily Boost (RRP £14.95), Tea Tree Special Shampoo (RRP £13.95), Tea Tree Special Conditioner (RRP £14.95) and a New CID Lipgloss in Tickled Pink. I can’t wait to give everything a try! 

Thank you so much for having me Paul Mitchell & Gary Hedley Salons, once again I had a great night!
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