Christmas Ideas for Sisters 2014

Onto my third Christmas gift guide today, this time it’s ideas for sisters. Like with all my gift guides (except my ultimate Disney gift guide) I base my finds on things my own family would like. This time obviously, my finds are based on my sister’s likes. My sister is very fashionable, into her high end beauty and hair and of course, she loves Disney. So expect to find anything related to those sort of things in this idea guide! 

Once again I’ve divided the guide into three price categories in hope it will help people with all budgets find some sort of idea or inspiration. 
Starting at the top, the over £50 category. This is usually the category my sister and I aim for but this year, we’re aiming for under £50, I’ve managed it.. just! Anyway, some ideas for the big spenders.. first up is this gorgeous Pandora Special Sister Pendent Charm (RRP £55) from John Greed. I love these charms, my mum and I have the mother/daughter one. They work with those best friend necklaces where each person can put half on their bracelet, I think they’re a lovely idea and would be great for someone like my sister and I who only have each other. My sister is bag crazy, so in the past I have bought her a new handbag for Christmas. In my opinion Marc B do the prettiest gift giving bags like the Willow Tote in black (RRP £55) like the one in this gift guide. A great idea for a sister who has everything is an experience voucher. The one my sister would like (and I actually) is a Heavenly Spa Day for Two (RRP £100) from Buy a Gift. She could either take her other half or if she was feeling nice, me! Finally, my sister has long hair like me and she enjoys maintaining it so a great idea would be the AMAZING Paul Mitchell Neuro Unclipped Styling Cone (RRP £64.95) from Look Fantastic which I have had used on my hair, it creates amazing curls so easily!
In the mid price range category we have beauty sets, mainly. Starting with the Fairest of them All Gift Set (RRP £40) from Selfridges. I mentioned these make up bags on last week’s Friday I’m In Love, although I think I’d prefer the Take Me To Neverland one, I do love this one, especially the one that comes in a set. It would make a perfect gift for any Disney lover. Myself included (hint hint). The hair brand I’m always quick to recommend to people is Neal & Wolf so it’s natural that I would point people in the direction of their Christmas gift sets, the one my sister would like the most is the Smooth & Shine Duo Bag (RRP £21.95) it also includes Harmony which is my all time favourite product of theirs! A complete game changer for fly aways! So you’ve all seen Frozen, right? It’s like the Disney movie for sisters which is why the Disney Couture Only an Act of True Love Will Thaw a Frozen Heart bracelet (RRP £39) from Zentosa is the perfect gift to give your sister. Especially how it was Anna’s love for her sister that thawed her heart. I reviewed it last week on the blog if you want some more details on it! Finally, my sister has a slight obsession with pencil lipsticks so I found the perfect gift on the Selfridges website, the Clinique Whole Lotta Chubby Gift Set (RRP £20) which includes for chubby sticks and a make up bag.
Finally, the less than £20 category. You can still get so many wonderful gifts for your sister for less than £20, here are a few of my favourites. This gorgeous jewel coloured Fur Snood (RRP £12) from EWM, perfect for the winter and the colour is just beautiful. Can’t beat a good candle as a gift, my favourite brand is Flamingo Candles and this year they have released their best Christmas range yet! My suggestion is this Vanilla Spice candle (RRP £12) the burn time on these is ages! My sister is a coffee fiend so this Good Things Happen Over Coffee mug (RRP £5) from Gifts and Pieces. They also have a tea one or a latte one, so you can go with whatever is a better fit. Finally, I mentioned above that Frozen is the perfect “sister” movie, which is why I can’t recommend this A Sister More Like Me book (RRP £3.99) from The Works. Not only is the story really sweet, but the art work is beautiful. I loved it so much that I did actually buy it as a little extra for my sister. Thank you Megan of Briar Rose Blog for bringing it to my attention! 
What are you getting for your sister if you have one?
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