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Onto my third outfit post of 2015. I really hope I can keep these up as they’re really helping with my rubbish self esteem. I also can’t believe that we’re into the third week of the year already, doing a weekly series definitely makes you realise how fast time actually goes. It’ll be April before I know it! 

Anyway, today’s personal style post features possibly my favourite Hot Topic dress. When I was in my teenage years, out of all the Disney princesses I definitely most identified with Belle. I felt like an outsider in my town, even in my only family. I liked books and good food and wine, I wanted adventure, something more than what I was getting. Even now, the Belle reprise in Beauty and the Beast really gets me. As i’ve got older I feel I identify more with other princesses but because Belle was my hero during my awkward teenage years, she’ll always hold a special place in my heart. The dress itself is such a perfect fit and so flattering (I say this about all my dresses I’ve bought). I love the colour and the pattern. I’ll definitely be wearing it to go meet Gaston!


Cocktails in Teacups Fashion Blog Belle Dress Hot Topic 

Cocktails in Teacups Fashion Blog Belle Dress Hot Topic 2 

Cocktails in Teacups Fashion Blog Belle Dress Hot Topic 3 

Cocktails in Teacups Fashion Blog Belle Dress Hot Topic 4 

Cocktails in Teacups Fashion Blog Belle Dress Hot Topic 7 

Cocktails in Teacups Fashion Blog Belle Dress Hot Topic 5 

Belle Retro Dress $24.99, Hot Topic
Thermal Long Sleeve T-Shirt* £11.40, Damart
Bonjour Mirror Necklace £27.50, Tatty Devine
Black Tights £2.99, Primark
Wedge Boots (last season), New Look
Book Clutch (originally ASOS), Depop  

As I say every week, I have styled the dress for winter, because it’s blooming freezing here. This week we’ve had gale force winds, driving rain, snow and hail. But obviously when I wear this on holiday I’ll be sans thermal top and tights! I was worried that the red and blue would be too much colour but with simple shoes and accessories it looks quite nice. Because of the straps of the dress it works great as a pinafore. The top was kindly sent by Damart which are a great French clothing company based in Yorkshire. I love all their basics and their thermal range is brilliant quality. I particularly love the lace neckline on this top as usually I find thermals quite ugly.  

The tights and boots are old and have popped up a few times on my outfit posts. The tights are my winter basics from Primark (where I get most of my black tights) and the boots are some of my favourites all though due to the wedge they’re no use when it’s icy. Thankfully today it’s just incredibly windy.  

For today’s accessories I’ve gone Belle inspired with a Bonjour necklace I had made by Tatty Devine with some birthday money last year. I saw it originally in Urban Outfitters in Paris and regretted not getting it! And what would a Belle inspired outfit be without a book? Although to be honest I find clutch bags completely unpractical I do adore this clutch that I bought off Depop. However just the other day I found an Etsy store that sells books made into more practical bags and now I’m desperate for one, I think my favourite is The Night Circus or the A Little Princess one. I love how you can have them made into messenger style bags!  

How would you style this dress for winter?

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