She’s Dancing Alone, I’m Ready to Go, But She’s So Lost in Stereo*

I’ve now been trying to get into shape for Florida now for just over a month. In total I’ve lost 7lbs which is great but as I’m aiming to get as close to my pre-baby body as humanly possible I know it’s going to require a little more than just eating right.. yes it’s going to take the dreaded word.. exercise. I will put my hands up and say I do not like exercise of the usual sort, the gym? What’s that? I’ve always been a walking, dancing, swimming, yoga doing sort of girl. I’ve never been for a run in my life, and doing a sit up? Never even tried. I hate the idea of getting all sweaty and wearing sports clothes. I’m sure my aversion comes from working in a sports shop for a summer, but still.. I always see sports clothing as ugly and something I would never choose to wear.. until of course I realised if I realistically want to achieve my goal, I really need to try something.

I’m not brave enough to exercise in public so at the moment since we’re currently blessed with the dark nights (never thought i’d say that) I’ve been sticking on a specially cultivated Spotify playlist using songs on my iPhone (so ones I actually like) and dancing. When I was younger I went through a period after University of going out at least 3 times a week dancing and that was such a brilliant form of exercise. Not only did it burn calories but I was able to dress up to do it and I felt so good afterwards! Although I’m not heading into my late twenties and a single mother so 3 nights a week out on the town is out of the question, I am at least attempting to recreate it in my lounge.. although I’m pretty sure my cat thinks I’ve lost the plot.


So I have the music.. and I’m doing the dancing.. but I’m definitely not crazy enough to dress up in my heels and a little black dress to do this. Thankfully New Look has come to my rescue with a new range of fashionable, comfortable, practical sports clothes that are definitely more up my street than what is usually considered the kind of thing you should choose to work out in! And also way more practical than just wearing a tight vest top and my pj bottoms! So I’ve put together a wee wishlist of the bits I’m wanting to pick up. I’m hoping if I invest some money that I’m more likely to continue even after Florida, and maybe one day graduate to running in public!

Cocktails in Teacups New Look Sports Fashion

Dark Grey Fine Knit Tee £12.99 // Coral Lace Sports Bra £9.99 // Yoga Leggings £12.99 // Grey Sports Trainers £19.99

Like with all New Look’s stock everything is brilliantly priced and looks good. I don’t think i’d feel too silly exercising in this outfit, and how beautiful is this bra? Most sports bras aren’t exactly the prettiest thing to look at but this one is prettier than most of my regular bras! There is plenty to choose from in the New Look sports section, joggers, shorts, hoodies and vests so there is something regardless of what you like to work out in.

Have you shopped the New Look sports wear yet?

This post was written in collaboration with New Look

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