Love Your Pet Day – Ode to Elsa

Cocktails in Teacups Love Your Pets Day Elsa Arya Feedem Review  

Instead of my usual Friday I’m In Love post, today i’m blogging about how much I love my kitten, Elsa Arya. If I’m honest because I took an impromptu trip I just haven’t had the time to prepare a post for today however I have been alerted to the fact that today is Love Your Pet Day, which works too. If I’m honest in our house every day is love your pet day as far as I’m concerned but as I haven’t done a real update since the day we picked her up, I thought i’d celebrate this special pet loving day with a blog post all about how Elsa is getting on, and how much she enjoyed her first ever blogger package.  

We have now had Elsa for almost four months and already I can’t imagine life without her. When I’m not with Bee, she acts as my furry best friend as she keeps me sane in the evening. Little Miss has days where she loves her and where she hates her, but I think that’s just to do with her age as she’s very fickle with who she likes on a day to day basis. But if she sees me cuddling Elsa, she wants to join in too. Elsa sleeps on my bed every night, sometimes on the pillow but mostly on the bottom snuggled up to my legs. On the odd occasion I’ve slept downstairs she’s slept on the back of the sofa beside me. I have never really spent time with a lap cat, so I have to admit when I’m sat watching the tv and she climbs up onto my knee or chest it fills me with so much joy. I look around at both her and Little Miss and I feel for the time being, my life is complete.  

She’s an absolutely beautiful cat which is no surprise really with her being a pedigree blue point rag doll. A photo I took of her perched on the sink while I was in the bath has over 1000 likes on Instagram. Although she is still small I can definitely see her growing, especially her tail which is so fluffy. She’s definitely spoilt and although she is very good natured she definitely has an air of royalty.  

The main concern of my family when I bought her was the fact she’d cost me a small fortune to keep, but in fact she costs me just over £35 a month. I place one order a month to Pets at Home for food & litter (and anything else I need) and then her insurance. She is worth every penny. However, I recently discovered another pet site Feedem, which may cut that cost even further as it offers free delivery. A week or so ago Elsa received her first ever bit of blogger mail which was a package from Feedem and we were both very impressed.


Cocktails in Teacups Love Your Pets Day Feedem Review  

Cocktails in Teacups Love Your Pets Day Feedem Review Cat Treats  

Cocktails in Teacups Love Your Pets Day Elsa Arya Blue Point Ragdoll  

Cats Cradle Radiator Bed* £14.99 // Cat Pyramid* £5.20 // Dreamies Tuna Cat Treats* £1.19 & Dreamies Chicken and Duck Cat Treats* £1.19

Elsa is the envy of all my family as their cats do not like to sleep in anything that is supposed to be for a cat! Elsa however sleeps in her cat bed so I thought i’d treat her to a radiator bed which would come in handy for when she takes herself away upstairs for a nap during the day. She took to it straight away and usually moves from my bed to it when the heating comes on in the morning. With Elsa being a kitten she loves to play so she was really happy with a toy that Little Miss cannot destroy (she’s worse than Elsa for breaking bits off the cat toys). It’s been great to use with the Duck & Chicken treats which are suitable for kittens her age. The Tuna treats are for my mum’s cat Peggy as she loves tuna but only has it once a week. Feedem is the only place I can find tuna Dreamies so I’ll definitely be ordering some more!  

The bed was the ultimate winner with Elsa though and she definitely enjoyed her first taste of blogger mail!


Cocktails in Teacups Love Your Pets Day Elsa Arya

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