My Six Favourite Disney Bloggers

Or six bloggers whom often post about Disney that I enjoy reading..

Today makes seven weeks until our long awaited holiday to Walt Disney World, however it’s actually less than that because we leave the day before we fly, extending our trip by an extra day. To say we’re excited is an understatement. I know many people don’t think Little Miss at her age should understand and be as excited, but she honestly does. Bee says she even vocalises how we’re all feeling with her constant excited squeals and shouts whenever she sees anything Disney related. She had us all laughing during the week when she was playing a Disneyland game on the xBox and she practically lost it when they got to hug Stitch. I’m hoping to film her reaction when we enter Magic Kingdom for the first time.  

ANYWAY I’ve gone off on a tangent.  

So, Disney bloggers is definitely a blogger group that’s on the rise. I would now class my blog as Lifestyle & Disney. Some class theirs as Disney & Beauty, and there are some blogs that are purely Disney. I have to admit I don’t read any blogs that are purely Disney but I thought today I’d share my favourites that often feature Disney. I have made a lot of blogger friends who share my love for Disney which is absolutely wonderful and I’m still holding out for a big Disney meet some point this year, that I have offered to organise EEE! Maybe I’ll be able to get my head around it after Florida.



I’m going to start with Bee at Journeys are my Diary, because a) she’s my best friend and a lot of our friendship is built on our mutual love of Disney… so imagine how much Disney we have managed to cram into almost 11 years of being friends?! This year is our first year of being in a Disney park together, which of course is my b) reason why I’m starting with her blog. A weekly feature on Bee’s blog is her Disney Countdown that she’s doing with her two daughters. It goes live every Sunday. But as of this week she’ll be featuring something Disney related during the week since she has passed the 40 day mark until she leaves. April is also Disney Month on her blog and she’s looking for Disney bloggers to guest post while we are away. As well as that when she comes back I’m sure there will be a LOT of Walt Disney World posts for you all to look out for. On top of all that Disney, she also makes fantastic dresses (mostly Disney) and brilliant cakes (again, mostly Disney). Just in case you haven’t really got your fix yet!



Ex-Walt Disney World Cast Member, Jane of Blush Feathers Lipstick is probably the closest thing to being an all Disney blog that I read. I’d say 9/10ths of her blog is Disney with the odd beauty post thrown in but I love it! She has the insiders view of Walt Disney World having spent a summer working there. She’s also visited Disneyland in California and recently Disneyland Paris so she does have extensive knowledge of other parks. She has some of the best photography too which makes her blog an absolute pleasure to look at. Jane also has a youTube channel which is one of the few that I religiously watch. She has some fab tips and a selection of videos from her tip working in WDW. She is a true Disney fan and it definitely comes through in her blog and her youTube channel. How I wish I could have worked there one summer before I got old and had a kid haha.



Emily of Mink Flamingos is featuring here because she has been a godsend for planning my trip. We met over “instagram” (can’t remember who followed who first haha) and eventually added one another on Facebook. Emily has a little girl almost 6 months younger than LM, they’re very similar in lots of ways meaning she has been able to advise me of things that other people who may not have a toddler might over look. She kept me informed on what rides are best to FP and what ones have times of days when the line isn’t much longer than 10-20 minutes or even less! She told me about the kids food packs with all bits in that LM will eat when I was worried about keeping her fed while over there. I am really looking forward to meeting up while we’re out there. ANYWAY, why am I recommending her blog to you? Emily is an Annual Pass Holder so they go to Disney most weeks, sometimes more than once a week meaning her weekly updates are usually chock full of Disney photos. I LOVE her A Parent’s Guide to Disney Heroines series even though I don’t agree with them all, reading them definitely made me laugh out loud and it’s brilliantly put together. So if you’re not into the cute girl in Disney side to things (which makes me wonder how many follows i’m going to loose post WDW trip haha!) there are other things.. like her Disney Villains Countdown, it is as equally as awesome as the heroines series, I’ve just always been someone who likes heroines over the villains haha.


Disney 2 

Next is a relatively new Disney blogger friend, Sam of The Belle Jar Blog. Sam is definitely the little sweetheart of the little group of Disney bloggers I seem to be a part of. She set up the Disney Bloggers Secret Santa and was my santa. Not only did she buy me gorgeous Disney gifts (that I’m heartbroken to admit I lost the photos for!) she made me a card too! Anyway, she’s recently redesigned and renamed her blog, and it is featuring a LOT of Disney. Not that I’m complaining. I LOVE to see a new Finding Disney post but unfortunately it means I end up adding more to my Disney Greedy Book! Sam and I are hoping to do a Disney collaboration later on this year so give her blog a follow so you can look out for it!



One of the first Disney blogger friends I made was Kayleigh of Blog of Shadows. I have to admit I followed her blog for a long time before we connected over Disney because her eyeshadow looks are amazing and she has a Disney make up collection to die for! However last year we started talking more over twitter and she often goes on liking sprees on Instagram. She also takes a real interest in Little Miss and how Little Miss views Disney which is always so appreciated. Kayleigh is top of my list for bloggers to meet in 2015, hopefully a trip to London and a visit to Harrods Disney Cafe with her and Little Miss. Kayleigh doesn’t update her blog as regularly as the other blogs featured here, but you HAVE to go back and see her Walt Disney World trip diaries, tips and her Disney inspired make up. She has a real talent (no wonder she is a make up artist for a living, she is AMAZING!) Kayleigh’s blog is full of Disney as well as wonderful ways to wear make up, that unfortunately I’m far too cack handed to do!) She seemed up for a Disney World adventure in 2016 too haha.



Last but not least, Amy of Paint Potted. Her blog is simply breathtaking. I love her photography and the way she edits and takes photos, so of course paired with Disney it makes for some truly beautiful blog posts. I first discovered Amy through her Disney Couture post and although I’d say her blog is mainly beauty, I love the detail she goes into on her Walt Disney World travel diaries. She’s going back again this year exactly a month after we go so it has been enjoyable to get excited together. She is very lucky to have a Disney loving guy who wants to go back as often as she does! I’m looking forward to her blog posts from her trip this year.  

Special mentions go out to Kariss of Shy, Strange and a Little Bit Manic, who has been to more times to Walt Disney World than I can count and occasionally features Disney related things like her post on Push the trashcan. Josie of L’Amour Josie who is visiting Walt Disney World for the first time in September. Her blog is another beauty to behold and I really enjoyed her Disneyland Paris haul. Finally Steph of Stephanie Dreams, I really love her blog in general for her posts about her beautiful pooches and her outfit posts but she deserves a shout out because her Disney Wedding video STILL makes me cry and I must watch it at least once a day. It is the stuff of dreams!

All photos and collages are credit to the blogger mentioned.

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