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Walt Disney World Countdown… 20 Days to Go

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Less than three weeks to go now and time is flying in. It seems like a couple of days since I last posted a countdown when in actual fact it was 10! I’ll be honest and say I haven’t done a whole lot of holiday related things lately but this could be down to the fact there is very little left to do. We are literally down to the nitty gritty bits such as the packing, printing out documents, converting money to dollars etc. It’s crazy to think the next time I see Bee and her family will be in Cinderella’s Castle in Magic Kingdom. Every time I think about it I get a lump in my throat! Little Miss is getting bored of waiting and instead of asking “Are we going to Disney tomorrow?” she’s telling me “I want to go to Disney now.” Walking to nursery has become prime time for talking about anything related to the holiday such as what toys she wants to pack, and who she’s excited to meet or what she wants to do. So I’ve decided that today I’m going to share with you what we’re most looking forward to.

I’ll start with the 10 things I’m most looking forward to, not including The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (which I have been watching a whole load of youTube videos about just so I know what to expect!)

1. Meeting Peter Pan
For me this is a life long dream. When I was a kid we could never find him in the parks so I had to make do with riding Peter Pan’s Flight (one of my fav rides). This time a wonderful Instagram friend, Alex, is going to take us to see him. I may cry, I may beg him to take me to Neverland.. who knows! He’s actually one of the character’s LM is also so excited about meeting, she even wants to give him a kiss haha.

2. Meeting Gaston
I’m sure all Disney parks fans have seen the videos of Gaston at Magic Kingdom, and if you have, you’ll know why I am SO excited to meet him. LM on the other hand doesn’t want to so she’s standing with Photo Pass while I swoon over him. Bee and I have even joked about stalking him and meeting him multiple times, I would be so down with that. This is my first time visiting as a single adult so it’ll be interesting to see how I feel being surrounded by all these attractive Disney men (with American accents, yum!)

3. Cinderella’s Royal Table breakfast
When we used to go to Disney as kids, we went with my godfather, his wife and son.. this meant we only ever did character dining that was aimed at both girls and guys. So of course no matter how often I asked, Cinderella’s Royal Table was not an option. We have reservations for our first morning and I am SO excited because a) it’s a meal of all princesses which will be amazing for LM and b) I finally get to eat in the castle (where I belong, OBVIOUSLY!)

4. Seeing Fantasmic
Fantasmic is my favourite night time show. It’s at Hollywood Studios and it’s just breath taking. Just thinking about it has me getting chills. It’s the ultimate battle of good vs evil which is just something I love. The storyline is so good, fireworks, music, it’s just amazing. So much so, I’m tempted to see it twice…

5. Riding The Seven Dwarves Mine Train
The parks have changed a lot since I last visited, however there aren’t that many new rides, at least rides I’m desperate to go on. One of these is The Seven Dwarves Mine Train. As Big Thunder Mountain is probably my favourite ride at the moment, a more Disney themed but similar mini coaster does sound like it could be right up my street. I think I’m more excited because I had sort of resided myself to the fact I wouldn’t get to ride it but as Bee has an awesome boyfriend he’s going to watch LM so I’m able to ride.

6. Watching Festival of Fantasy
One of the highlights for many people visiting Magic Kingdom these days seems to be Festival of Fantasy, the new day time parade. From the photos i’ve seen on various blogs and Instagrams I am SO ready to see this! Especially Prince Philip fighting Maleficent in dragon form. I’ll definitely be making sure I have a curb side spot for this as parades are always a highlight for LM.

7. Finally Dining in the Grand Floridian
Another must have character dining for me was one at 1900 Park Fare, as again, it wasn’t one that I visited as a child. Grand Floridian has always been my dream hotel so not only have I booked one reservation there, but I have two. One for breakfast and one for dinner. I’m not even bothered about the food, the characters for me this is all about the experience and the chance to finally dine in my favourite Disney hotel.

8. Staying on Site
Every other time I’ve visited Florida we have stayed off site because my dad has hired a car. However after the fantastic experience of staying on site in DLP I was determined to do it in WDW for some of our holiday. This time we’re only spending 7 days on site, however if it works out well when I next book I plan on doing it for all 14. I’m so excited because it’ll feel like we’re in the heart of the magic. I’ve also arranged for there to be a little Disney package to be in the room for when Little Miss arrives as an extra treat.

9. Being Able to Drink Around World Showcase
Firstly, I’m going to say I have no intention of getting drunk. I know first hand that hot weather and a hang over do not go well together! HOWEVER I am excited to be able to have the odd drink around world showcase as well as trying various foods. My parents used to love having a pint in the Rose & Crown and although I don’t drink pints, I am planning on having a drink and facetiming them from their old haunt.

10. Meeting All the Fab Friends Who Have Helped Me Plan
Instagram has become a great friend as far as this trip is concerned. Since starting my Disney countdown I have doubled my amount of followers(from 900 to 1800) and I’m surprised at how many APH’s and Cast Members want to see LM and I while we’re visiting. It’s such an honour and these people have been so wonderful and kind to us. It really emphasises the whole tag line of the new Cinderella movie “Where there is kindness, there is goodness, and where there is goodness, there is magic” so many people want to give LM and the most magical trip possible! I feel so honoured and blessed.

And here are the top ten things Little Miss is looking forward to on our trip. I have to be honest and say this changes almost weekly so I’m going off what she’s mentioned most recently.

1. Meeting Baymax
This may be a strange one for a little girl LM’s age but since seeing Big Hero 6 last month she’s slightly obsessed with Baymax. If you ask her what she’s most looking forward to this is what she tells you. She really wants a “Bay-bump” (if you’ve seen BH6 you’ll know she means when he does a fist bump with Hiro then goes fa-la-la-la-la) I’m not even sure if it’s called that, it’s just what she asks for. I have to be honest that these days she’s way more into BH6 than even Frozen.

2. Riding the Dumbo ride.
While in DLP last year this was closed for refurbishment so we didn’t get to ride it. LM has watched many POV videos of the ride in all the parks and now she’s so excited about it. Especially since the one in MK has a play park as the queue system. LM does love a park! She’s also excited for rides she did go on in DLP such as the Mad Hatters Tea Party, the Carousel, Peter Pan’s Flight and of course, It’s a Small World.

3. Eating with Princesses.
LM has not preference to which dining it is but she cares a lot about eating with princesses. She remember Cafe Mickey in DLP and how much she loved it, but this time she’s all about the princesses coming to the table. She’s actually lucky enough to have two Princess dining experiences and a Cinderella themed princess dining.

4. Meeting Lilo & Stitch.
Another meeting up at the top of Little Miss’ list is Lilo and Stitch. You can only meet Lilo at the ‘Ohana breakfast which I have booked. She is so excited to meet them both, especially Stitch. It’s not until near the end of the holiday so I’m hopefully going to queue to meet Stitch in Tomorrowland just to tide her over.

5. Riding Midway Mania
Little Miss is a huge Toy Story fan and as she’s already rode Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin at DLP she’s more excited to ride Midway Mania. Again, we’ve watched videos about it on youTube and on the Disneyland app. She’s even tried the 3D glasses at Grandad’s to get used to wearing them. So glad we got a FP for it.

6. Watching Dream Along with Mickey
Something else we’ve watched a lot of videos of is Dream Along with Mickey. It’s the day time show in front of the Castle and LM loves all the songs. The plot line looks really good and it features Peter Pan heavily so that’s me sold. She really loved the Spring Time one in DLP last year although we were quite far back, hopefully we’ll get to the front for this one!

7. Eating a Mickey Bar.
Although I’m not a fan, Little Miss loves ice cream and always gets excited when she sees people eating Mickey Bars on instagram. I’ll definitely be treating her to a couple, probably when I’m having my Starbucks fix. She also wants to try Dolewhip after finding it on the Disneyland app.

8. Seeing Pinocchio in the Electric Parade.
Little Miss hasn’t seen any night time parades, only Wishes at DLP which is projected on the castle with fireworks. We both enjoy looking at photos and videos from the Main Street Electric Parade. Although I love Cinderella’s castle, LM loves seeing Pinocchio as he’s one of her favourite. She often asks to watch “Pinocchio in lights” when I’m flicking through Instagram.

9. Meeting her Disney Friends
Although I’ve made a lot of Disney friends, I know the majority of them are wanting to meet LM not me haha. LM follows the adventures of a few girls her age in the Disney parks and she really wants to join them.

10. Meeting Talking Mickey
If there is one thing that LM never gets bored of watching and looking at photos of it’s Mickey in the Town Hall at the Magic Kingdom because he talks! She loves seeing other little children hugging and dancing with him. Of all the meets I think this could be the one that reduces me to tears, because after all, we can’t forget it started with a mouse.

So this is our Disney bucket list! Lets hope we can complete everything on it!

Cocktails in Teacups Walt Disney World Countdown 20 Days to Go

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