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Insta-Month March

Cocktails in Teacups Insta-Month March

Little Miss modelling for Princess and the Frock // A day in York with Fabia & Della // Sunny Spring Days
My twenty seventh birthday // Watching the Solar Eclipse // Practicing Messy Hair Braids
Elsa has become a pro at creeping // Pre-Holiday Hair Dye // Seeing Cinderella

The highlights were… My birthday as I spent it at my best friend Bee‘s house with my friends and Little Miss. We went to Damon’s for an early dinner then spent the evening drinking frozen cocktails and playing Cards Against Humanity. I loved it! Little Miss also did her first ever bit of modelling for Princess and the Frock (which was yesterday’s post.) It was lovely to get away for the day to meet Claire and her daughter. Going to York for the day to see my friend’s Della and Fabia. And then today we went to Newcastle to see Cinderella at the cinema. It was without a doubt the most beautiful movie I have ever seen. I may be slightly obsessed with it!
Some things I have been loving… The new Cinderella collection by I Love Crafty. I was extremely lucky to win a couple of pieces in Briar Rose Blog‘s instagram giveaway. Chocolate flavoured hot cross buns mmmm. PACKING! We go on holiday on Saturday now and everything is pretty much packed, or lying beside the case to be packed! The light mornings.. although it’s messed up my sleep pattern it’s nice to actually feel like getting up earlier.
My favourite purchase.. Do my dollars count?
Biggest regrets have been.. Messing up my budgeting this month. I’d been so hell bent on budgeting for our holiday I forgot to budget for the life before holiday. Doh!
Next month I’m looking forward to… Firstly, seeing Wicked with my sister on Thursday night. She’s never seen it so it’s exciting to go for my 3rd time. Then… FLORIDA! DISNEY WORLD! MAGIC KINGDOM! EPCOT! ANIMAL KINGDOM! MEETING NEW FRIENDS! THE WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY POTTER! SHOPPING! ALL THE AMERICAN FOODS! DUNKIN DONUTS ICE COFFEE! 4 days!

So on the whole, March was a pretty good month. Much better than February. Over the last week I’ve had a few anxiety moments and a lot of insomnia but it’s pre-holiday jitters among some other things. I can’t believe we go on holiday in 4 days. Suddenly I feel very intimidated and very nervous. It’s not helping that today I have felt generally unwell but I’m sure it’s all to do with the lack of sleep I had last night due to the heavy gales (like the rest of the UK) so an early night is on the cards with more Friends.

How was your March?

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