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The diamond industry is a tricky beast. Sure, you know diamonds can be made artificially and we’re only in love with them because of slick marketing and doe eyes but hey, they’re sparkly. The only hard part to choosing the right diamond is its cut!

To a man, choosing a diamond cut can be a tricky thing. It can especially get challenging if you’re planning to give this diamond to a fashion conscious woman. They can be very particular about their taste so you have to make sure you get a diamond cut that she will like. I understand you want to impress your fiancée with the most sparkly diamond bauble our money can buy but where on earth do you begin? A cushion is something on a sofa and a princess is the lady we’re marrying.

Or, so we thought. No, sir. There are also diamond cuts! I wrote this little guide to help my fellow men navigate the complicated diamond market so whether you’re picking up an engagement ring or sparkling diamond earrings, this guide will make it a little bit easier on you.

 A Range of Cuts and Configurations
Any qualified jeweler is able to design and cut the world’s most popular cuts to diamonds which are carefully (and ethically) sourced from all around the planet.

Some of the most trendy diamond cuts today include:

  • Round diamond cut
  • Princess diamond cut
  • Oval diamond cut
  • Marquise diamond cut
  • Pear diamond cut
  • Cushion diamond cut
  • Emerald diamond cut
  • Asscher diamond cut
  • Radiant diamond cut
  • Heart diamond cut

Sheer Brilliance
Jewellery can make for a good fashion accessory but they alone do not make an outfit. Most women today not only look into trends in jewellery but also the cut of the diamond. The cut shows how sophisticated and brilliant a jewellery piece can be. It is important to realise that the cut has the potential to affect how much sparkle is in that diamond.

Quality diamonds with the infamous brilliant cut typically have more brilliance and appeal than their step-cut diamond counterparts. If it is a bright and brilliant cut diamond you seek, we suggest diamonds which are mostly triangular or kite shaped.

In order to achieve maximum diamond brilliance, we suggest popular diamond cuts which include the round diamond cut, oval diamond cut, marquise diamond cut, radiant diamond cut, cushion diamond cut, pear diamond cut, and heart shaped diamond cut.

Mix it Up, Step by Step
If maximum brilliance is something you would like to work your way up to because you feel that the jewellery piece you’re shopping for today should not shine brighter and more brilliant than that the engagement ring or wedding ring you plan to buy her in the future, we suggest starting off your marital journey with a step cut diamond, or a mixed cut diamond.

A step cut possesses sloped, four sided facets which are then cut below the table and they run parallel to the diamond’s girdle. Step cuts also have a smaller number of facets than brilliant cut diamonds, and some examples of step cut diamonds include the emerald diamond cut, and the popular yet proprietary asscher diamond cut. The latter example is quickly becoming a contemporary engagement ring favourite.

A mixed diamond cut include attributes from both brilliant cut diamonds and step cut diamonds. Some examples of mixed cut diamonds include; old mine diamond cut, cushion diamond cut, and the rose diamond cut.

Here is an infographic explaining;

Finding the Right Diamond Cut for Her

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