A Night in with Primula Dips

Cocktails in Teacups Primula Dip in for 5

Cocktails in Teacups Primula Dip in for 5 2

Cocktails in Teacups Primula Dip in for 5 4

Cocktails in Teacups Primula Dip in for 5 3

Cocktails in Teacups Primula Dip in for 5 5

Cocktails in Teacups Primula Dip in for 5 6

As I’ve made it rather clear now, I rarely ever have a night out. 95% of the time I’m in the house on a Saturday night, 1% i’m out of the country, 1% I have friends staying and the other 2% is the nights I spend at my best friend Bee‘s house. If I’m honest, Saturday nights are just as dull as any other night of the week. I rarely drink, because it feels super sad buying a bottle of wine I know I’ll drink myself.. and not even as a pre-drink. If you want to know the truth, I usually work.

So when Primula offered me the chance to have a night in on them, I was excited. Although I knew I had no one to invite over, I was looking forward to chilling out with a DVD, some snacks and some form of alcohol. This was a chance to try their re-launched range of dips. I have to admit that I would choose dips and crisps any day over chocolate. There is just something about the selection and there is usually cheese or at least garlic involved. Lying on the sofa, glass in hand and some dips by my side, is my idea of heaven. It’s sometimes the little things, especially as a single mother with no social life!

The dips I were sent are Spicy Salsa*, Spicy Nacho Cheese*, Sour Cream and Chive*, Garlic & Herb* and Thai Sweet Chili*. Each tub is 170g and the best part is the once open the can last up to 7 days, which is a hell of a lot longer than normal fresh dips! They’re all a great consistency meaning not only are they perfect for scooping up with a crisp or nacho but they’d be great adding to a variety of dishes. Primula even has some recommendations on their website.

For me the Sour Cream and Chive was a firm winner, it was the best version I’ve ever tried and I finished off over the course of two nights. I also really liked the Garlic and Herb one. I used the Salsa in quesadillas and the Sweet Thai Chili on salmon, it cooked surprisingly well and didn’t burn at all. The only one I wasn’t keen on was the Spicy Nacho Cheese, only because it had more of a kick to it than what I usually like in a cheese dip. But it would be great for those who enjoy the more spicy side of things.

I’ll definitely be on the look out for these dips whenever i’m in the supermarket now, they’re so versatile and last much longer once opened than other dips which is perfect for me, since i’m the only one who eats them!

Cocktails in Teacups Primula Dip in for 5 7

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