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Fashion is a fickle mistress. One season we are all clattering about in the highest of heels, the next we are in flopping about in flats. the trick is to keep one step ahead to see what the big designers are being inspired by and what they are producing in their catwalk shows. The trickle down effect from Jimmy Choo to high street makes those beautiful, yet expensive shoes become a reality. So, let’s take a look at this year’s shoe trends so we can all have a slice of the action.

The Gladiator


This is the ultimate sandal for the Summer of 2015. Think warrior poses at your local coffee house or stomping some attitude on the school run. This style of sandal has been hanging around for several seasons, purely because of it’s versatility. These show stoppers are for the confident of leg because they are going to highlight your legs and feet, making you feel like a million dollars. They also come as a welcome relief for A great alternative to the Gladiator (as seen above by Stuart Weizman) is the Gladiator sandal. It is a mini version of Weizman’s, making a lesser statement, if full on Gladiator is too much for you. Team with sleek minimalist skirt and blouse for a chic, yet fierce look.

Back to the Seventies


Yes, it had to happen eventually. The catwalk is chock full of flares, paisley print blouses and A-line skirts. The shoes, naturally, had to follow suit and the wedge, seventies style, has returned. This is great news for those amongst us who find the traditional 6 inch stiletto heel a little tricky. Wedges are far more forgiving and they can be as extreme as you dare.

Walking in wedges is a lot easier than they may look. With a pretty wedge, it is really easy to get the height that you want without the potential pain that wearing a high heel incurs.


Jimmy Choo has produced the above beauty to show how wearable the wedge can be. Pop a pair on with your suede A-line skirt and embrace the decade.

Flats are Hot
The designers have appeared to have given us all a break this season as flats are back! Rather than teetering down to the local shops in beautiful yet completely impractical heels, the day of the flat is finally here. They have appeared in a myriad of styles, you can be as formal or as chilled out as you like with a flat. there is no need to think that they are the second cousin to the glamorous heel as the designers have taken care to emit some chic vibes from the lowly flat.


There are flats in many forms in the shops and available on online, it has become very easy this season to find a pair that you like.


There is a leaning towards the platform flat which gives some height without the heel.


There is always the prim and proper loafer to indulge your flat habit. They are excellent shoes that pretty much enhance any outfit, whether casual or formal. They show off a pair of navy blue jeans well but they also manage to add some pep to a short skirt or pair of tailored shorts.

Sporty Spice
Casual sportswear took the catwalks by storm recently and that particular look has filtered down into the luxe sportswear look. It is all about relaxed cuts with a sporty vibe. Luxurious fabrics such as silk have been used to enhance the luxury vibe and the shoes that match have a similar cool yet luxurious feel to them.


Pool side sliders are trending right now because they support the whole relaxed look that sports luxe has brought. These shoes should be reminiscent of relaxing around a pool on holiday but with a touch more style.

This season is all about change as fashion glides into a new direction. There is a very chic look coming from all these styles, embrace the change and follow the trends for a super cool edge to your style. Do not be afraid of trying a new colour or a heel that you would totally dismiss in the past as the way forward is bold change.

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