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My Bathtime Routine*

Cocktails in Teacups My Bathtime Routine Lush Twilight Bathbomb

I have to admit, my favourite nights of the week are the ones I have time to take a bath. So when Victoria Plumb sent me a basket of goodies to help make “me time” more relaxing, I was really looking forward to that night of the week where my schedule was clear and LM was in bed bang on 7pm. Today I thought I’d share with you my bathtime routine, because it really is one of the few parts of my life I have a dedicated routine for and I ensure I make time for it at least once a week.

Cocktails in Teacups My Bathtime Routine

Cocktails in Teacups My Bathtime Routine Yankee Candle

Cocktails in Teacups My Bathtime Routine Origins Clear Improvements

Cocktails in Teacups My Bathtime Routine Relax

Cocktails in Teacups My Bathtime Routine Moisturising

My bathtime routine is actually two parts, the during (the time I spend in the tub) and the after.

For me, a bath isn’t complete without some form of indulgent product, usually from Lush, such as this Twilight Bath Bomb*. However since I don’t live anywhere near a Lush and rarely get there to stock up (although I do when I get the chance) I’ve become quite fond of Bomb Cosmetics, I love their wee bath melts that leave my skin so soft, especially when mixed with a glug of Radox for that extra dose of stress relief. Candles, are perfect for setting the ambiance, sometimes I end up burning so many that when I blow them out I set off the smoke detector, whoops. Yankee Candles are my personal preference because they smell so good, but not strong that they give your a headache, and they last for ages, well worth their money. Once the bath is ran and the room smells good I settle down with Netflix on my iPad as I’m lucky enough to have a dressing table stool that’s the perfect height. Sometimes I deliberately make sure my bath day is when a new episode is out of a tv series I watch. This was always the case with Once Upon a Time although it finished last month. I never wash my hair in the bath so it’s simply time to soak, but I often use a facemask during this time because the steam opens my pores.

Once I’ve finished in the tub, I relocate to the bedroom as I like to moisturise. I swear by The Body Shops body butter, it’s the ultimate in decadent moisturising. I love the smell and the texture, I haven’t used anything else in years. Of course I apply toner and moisturiser to my skin as well, and usually brush out my hair or braid it for bed. On bath day I also like to remove all my old varnish off my toes and give them a fresh new coat. Unlike my finger nails my toes only need painted about once a week so this works out well. I can also use this time to continue watching Netflix or sometimes I simply spend time on Pinterest or even go old school with a magazine. Either way, nothing too taxing.

I honestly wish I had time to do this every night because I always have my best sleep on the night after my bath and post-bath pampering. I don’t know if it’s because I’m so relaxed as I haven’t done anything that got set my brain off thinking too much, or if it’s all the concoction of lotions and potions i’ve used, the multitude of scents have resulted in knocking me out for the night. Whatever it is, I am incredibly glad I do take the time to do this as me time is so important, especially when you’re a mum.

What is your bathtime routine?

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