Getting Your Feet Summer Ready*

Cocktails in Teacups Getting Your Feet Summer Ready Cracked Heels Dry Skin Products Ipanema Flip Flops

Warning, this post contains discussion of feet.

Although I’m someone who is completely against the whole notion of “summer ready bodies” as I feel it’s a personal choice as to whether or not you want to wear a swimsuit in public, lets face it, feet are a different story. I’m not even going to sugar coat this, but I have pretty gross feet. Years of dancing and waitress have left them ravaged and the fact my feet don’t actually sweat means there is little moisture in them. During the winter I’ll admit to the fact I’ve become complacent, I haven’t kept on top of any hard skin I have on my heels and my toe nails are rarely painted. And here we are inching ever closer to flip flop season.

Anyway, the reason why my feet are so messed up this year in particular is from my trip to the States last summer. In 10 days I visited 6 states (as in I stood in 6 states at some point of the course of my trip, I drove through more than that) and I did a lot of walking.. I ended up with blisters on blisters so my new skin came in funny. I can’t even describe the pain but I didn’t care, I was determined to see as much as I could. Since them my feet have been a complete mess. I left them over the winter hoping they’d sort themselves out (at least back to my old cracked heels ways at least) alas, they have not. So it’s time to switch up my foot care routine, which is why today I’m sharing some products I love to use on my feet.

Cocktails in Teacups Getting Your Feet Summer Ready Cracked Heels Dry Skin Products

Cocktails in Teacups Getting Your Feet Summer Ready Cracked Heels Dry Skin Products Scholl Dry Skin Recovery Cream

Cocktails in Teacups Getting Your Feet Summer Ready Cracked Heels Dry Skin Products Barry M Silk Soap and Glory Heel Genius

Foot File £1, Poundland. Yep, my foot file is from Poundland, but you know what? It’s the best one I’ve ever used. It’s just the right amount of roughness to take off the hard skin without putting too much effort in. I used to have a Pedegg which I found to be such hard work. I usually use my file straight after a bath when my skin is at it’s softness but this particular one works great on stubborn patches on my heel even when I’ve not even been in the bath or soaked my feet, which is probably why I love it.

Soap & Glory’s Heel Genius £5.50, Boots. This is a bloggers favourite and after reading countless reviews I treated myself just before Christmas. There is no denying a little bit goes a long way. Although I do find it a little bit on the greasy side I love the smell and love the way it does eventually sink into my feet. Especially on my heels post rub down. I use it a few times a week before bed and after applying it I put on a pair of cotton socks to ensure it soaks in properly. Although I wouldn’t call it an over night miracle worker, if you put in the work of keeping on top of your heels with a foot file you will notice a difference.

Scholl Dry Skin Instant Recovery Cream* £5.99, Boots. As I mentioned above as my feet are never sweaty it does mean they end up dry instead. I swear by Scholl products to keep them moisturised especially in summer. I recently tried the new Instant Recover Cream and I love the fact it’s not as greasy as some of the other ones on the market. This one I usually put on in the morning before my socks as it keeps my feet moisturised while I’m walking around all day plus Heel Genius has held the bedtime spot since Christmas, it seems a shame to stop when it’s actually working on my messed up heels.

Barry M Silk Nail Paint £3.99
, Boots. Finally it’s time to get those toesies painted. I cannot wear open toes with no colour on my nails, it just looks wrong! At the moment i’m love the silk collection from Barry M. Such lovely pastel shades and I find they dry so much faster than a lot of other brands which means no smudging (something I’m terrible for when it comes to my toe nails).

In the long run I’d love to invest in an express pedi by Scholl because when it comes to beauty I do like to cut corners and all I can think about is how much filing this would save me after i’ve had a bath! However at the moment it’s not exactly on the cards with my serious saving strategy in place but I have heard they are amazing so perhaps I could see it as an investment rather than an extravagance!

Do you feel your feet are summer ready?

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