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Jim Beam Bourbon Sauce Review

Cocktails in Teacups Jim Beam Bourbon Sauce Review

Has anyone actually managed to have a barbeque this year yet? I know we haven’t which is driving my dad crackers at the moment. However to cheer him up I’ve got him a new sauce to marinate the chicken in before it hits the coals, Jim Beam Bourbon Sauce*. I of course had to give it a try, he doesn’t like to flavour his meat with anything but the best (he considers himself to be a bit of a barbeque conciser) and today I’m going to share some thoughts with you on the stuff.

Cocktails in Teacups Food Blog Jim Beam Bourbon Sauce

Cocktails in Teacups Food Blogger Jim Beam Real Bourbon Sauce Review

The bottle itself is styled on the shape of a hipflask which I think is a very clever sales point and unlike other bourbon sauces on the market which usually have about 1% bourbon in, Jim Beam Bourbon sauce has 9% which comes out at about 3% ABV once it has been reduced. All the other added ingredients are there to really bring out that true bourbon taste. This is apparent from the first moment you remove the lid, that strong smokey bourbon smell is there from the word go. I was lucky enough to received the bottle in an exclusive press box but as of tomorrow (29th June) Jim Beam Bourbon Sauce will be available in Sainsburys.

As we haven’t quite had barbeque weather yet I decided to have a go of cooking it with chicken in a griddle pan so it would sort of have the same effect as over the coals. It was incredibly simple to use, just like any other marinate really. I placed the chicken in a bowl, poured over a generous helping of the sauce then covered in cling film before putting in the fridge for a few hours. When it came to time for dinner, it was actually the last thing that needed cooking. When the sweet potato fries were almost oven cooked and the corn on the cob ready to serve I simply heated a griddle pan and cooked the chicken off. I found that the marinate caused the chicken to brown well, just like it would have on a barbeque. Once the chicken was cooked right through I served.

Flavour wise, it is definitely a strong taste. I’m pleased to say I did enjoy it but that’s because I really do like bourbon sauce, so much so I put some on the side in the place of ketchup and dipped my sweet potato fries into it. I think if you aren’t someone who enjoys the flavour of bourbon it’s probably best to stay clear, this is one of the strongest i’ve tried but to me, that’s what makes it all the better.

Cocktails in Teacups Jim Beam Real Bourbon Sauce Chicken

Cocktails in Teacups Food Blogger Jim Beam Bourbon Sauce Meal

What are your thoughts on bourbon? Do you prefer it as a drink, something you like to cook with or do you avoid at all cost?

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