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Cocktails in Teacups My favourite piece of home tech

I don’t know if it’s the love of Disney ingrained into me but whenever I hear “tech” these days I instantly think of Big Hero 6 (if you haven’t seen it yet, you must see it!) So when I was asked what my favourite piece of home tech was by the people at Joe Blogs Network all I could think was “microbots” of course I don’t actually have any microbots in my home, but it did at least give me something to think about. Although I wouldn’t consider myself to be a “gadget girl” by any length, I do enjoy technology and it plays a big part in my life. I really couldn’t even consider living life without it, from my gas cooker, to my central heating, my washing machine and even my coffee machine, my life would be a lot harder without these things and I do count my blessings when it comes to how easy these pieces of technology make my life when it comes to house keeping.

HOWEVER, as much as I do believe my life is made easier by certain gadgets and gizmos, I wouldn’t say that anything like that would be classed as my favourite, I’m afraid to say it definitely comes down to two more frivolous pieces of tech, my laptop and my iPhone.

Starting with my laptop. Although I adore it and I couldn’t be without it, I’m afraid I couldn’t tell you any of the specs on it except it runs Windows 8, it’s a HP and it’s red. Once upon a time when I was a lot better off I had a Macbook and one day I would love to own one again, however until then, my current one does everything I need it to. It’s fast and I turn it on every day. Without it I couldn’t blog which means I couldn’t earn money. I watch movies on it, I play music on it and without it I’d be incredibly bored in the evening since I couldn’t aimlessly browse eBay and Pinterest. I have had my own laptop for almost 10 years now (with the exception of a year) and I really can’t even remember what it was like not to have one. If my house was on fire I’d definitely try and save it along with LM, Elsa and my passport. It’s also heavily insured because I wouldn’t want to go without one again.

Secondly, my iPhone. For many reasons the same as my laptop. However it’s also my main way of communicating as I don’t have a house phone. I can keep in touch with friends over seas as most of them have iPhones so we can text for free or even Facetime. It’s also great to always have a camera on me, even though I don’t rate the camera it means I never miss a photo opportunity because I’m not carting my big camera around with me. Not only that, but I love having the ability to look up useless bits of information on Wikipedia and the fact I can check transport times while I’m out and about. I have had an iPhone for so many years now I can’t imagine using a different phone, I know a lot of people don’t rate them anymore but I love mine.

Legal and General have also been exploring some of the most innovative pieces of home tech, I have to admit my house isn’t cool enough to have any of these smart features!

What’s your favourite piece of home tech?

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