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Collecting Tsum Tsums*

Cocktails in Teacups Collecting Tsum Tsums Disney Store Clintons Cards
Little Miss is now at the age where she’s starting to notice and take interest in the latest crazes. Especially if they’re Disney related. If you’re a Disney fan you’ll know all too well about Tsum Tsums.. Little Disney inspired Japanese created bean toys. Yes, it’s the new version of the Beanie Babies craze.. something I know all too well having had a ridiculous amount of both TY and Disney beanies. They have been out in Japan for a while, then they spread to the States and now they’re here. They’re available in both Clintons and The Disney Store, £3 for the small ones, £10 for the medium and £20 for the large. We only collect the small ones, and even though they’re only £3 a pop.. I still dread to think how much we’ve spent on them. If you’re a Tsum Tsum collector you’ll know all about the Tsum Tsum Tuesday carnage.. the first Tuesday of every month The Disney Store releases a new range and there is always absolute chaos as you try and grab the ones you want and make it through check out. The more popular the movie is (like The Little Mermaid) the harder it is to get the ones you want. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. They do not restock. It’s the first time every I’ve been part of toy madness but as LM collects them, I know how important it is to get the ones she really wants first.

Anyway, since February we’ve managed to collect a lot. Not as many as some other people I know because I do still try and only get the ones she recognises or asks for, but still a lot more than I wanted to buy in the first place. I don’t really begrudge it as a kids magazine is about £3 a pop and LM does actually get pleasure out of them (as you can see on her Instagram account). A couple of weeks ago we were visiting Bee and her girls also collect them. They have recently found a home in a CD unit which inspired me to do the same for LM when she asked me where her Tsum Tsums could live. Up until then they’d been living in a Disney Store bag that she carried around. But now they have a nice new home;

Cocktails in Teacups Collecting Tsum Tsums Storage Solutions Girls Bedroom

Cocktails in Teacups Collecting Tsum Tsums Disney Store Clintons Cards Storage

Cocktails in Teacups Collecting Tsum Tsums Storage Solution

Cocktails in Teacups Tsum Tsum Disney Store Clinton Cards

Little Miss has a small room. I don’t agree with giving her the biggest room at her age as I think it would just be an excuse to hoard toys. I do try to pick up a lot of her furniture second hand if I can, but there are some reasonably priced places online that offer great pieces such as Trade Furniture Company, they sell sheesham furniture, solid wood furniture, wood furniture, rattan dining chairs, rattan chairs to name a few things. I do like everything to match but for me it’s all about utilizing the space in her room. Thankfully a CD case worked perfectly even if it is almost full!

How do you display things you collect?

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