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Little Miss Cosplays, Part One

As you all know, I like to cosplay, specifically Disney cosplay. But what you may not know, is Little Miss also likes to cosplay. Especially around the Disney parks. We have amassed a fair amount of different dresses to wear in September to Walt Disney World and October to Disneyland Paris so I’m going to try and share my favourites. We are incredibly blessed to have met some wonderful people who make beautiful handmade outfits for Little Miss, which I’m so thankful for since I can barely sew a button. Although we were gifted some of these, they are available to buy and I have included links. However, none of these were for review purpose. They are gifted by people I feel blessed to refer to as friends.

Little Genie of the Lamp Mini

Cosplay Creation for Blog

Cocktails in Teacups Kids Genie Cosplay Parent Blogger Disney

Little Genie of the Lamp Face blog

Extra Sweet Bowtique

First up, we have Little Genie of the Lamp. When this one arrived I wasn’t sure if LM would want to wear it.. she’s very much “princess” or at least a girly girl. However, she was so excited! Especially when I picked up a lamp for £1.99 from eBay for her to hold. The Genie dress is designed and made by Heart Felt Costumes, a store I found on Etsy last year and ordered an Alice dress from. I am so in love with Sharan’s child friendly designs, which are perfect for toddlers and really incorporate the character. We’ll be wearing this one to visit Aladdin & Jasmine in Epcot. The matching bow is from Extra Sweet Bowtique, also on eBay. She often offers fantastic discount codes on her instagram, so keep your eyes peeled. I know a lot of Disney bloggers are a fan of her creations.

Pinocchio Girl Cosplay blog

Where to Buy Closet Geek Design

Livvy Pinocchio Girl blog

Cocktails in Teacups Disney Cosplay Kids Pinocchio

Pinocchio Girl with Bow blog

Next is our newest addition from our newest favourite store, run by none other than my best friend Bee, Closet Geek. It’s officially opening on 22nd August. One of the few male characters that LM would happily dress as is Pinocchio. She was pretty disappointed she didn’t get to meet him in April, she loves him that much! So when thinking of new dress ideas, this one sprung to mind. Bee has done a great job of it, I love how it looks just like Pinocchio’s outfit but it will still appeal to little girls, specifically my little girl. The bow came with the dress. We’ll be wearing this to watch the Main Street Electric Parade and wave to Pinocchio and the Donkey Boys. Our friend Alex will hopefully have a Donkey Boy Disney bound too.

Livvy Cosplays Woody the Cowgirl blog

Cocktails in Teacups Disney Cosplay Kids Woody the Cowgirl

Cocktails in Teacups Woody the Cowgirl dress

Woody Cowgirl Cosplay blog

Little Cowgirl Woody Blog

The final outfit for today was actually the one LM chose to have photographed, and it’s Woody. LM has always loved Toy Story and it makes me so sad it’s marketed towards boys. It hasn’t stopped us racking up a large amount of replica toys and these are actually some of LM’s favourite. She received her Woody dress as a gift from Bee for her 3rd birthday back in January but I do believe a similar lightweight version is going to be available on her website Closet Geek. While in Hollywood Studio everyone kept calling it a Jessie dress, because obviously girls can’t like Woody. Well we do! We’re actually taking it to Disneyland Paris in October because it’s a little bit to heavy for WDW as we found out in April. Not only that but we’re staying in a Cowboy themed hotel which will be perfect for photos with her in this dress, and of course in Toy Story land at the the studios. We finished off the outfit with a bandana (which will double as a scarf for October) and her hat was a gift from Grandad when we went to Disney on Ice last year.

Little Miss and I have had so much for photographing these outfits and I feel like it’s a nice way to document them because she will eventually grow out of them. Little Miss really loves dressing up and posing for the camera so it hasn’t felt forced in anyway. Lets hope she’s up for it again next week as I have some more I’d love to share with you!

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