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LM’s Library Books, Week One

Cocktails in Teacups LMs Library Books Week One Parenting Blogging

As promised, I’m going to be sharing what books we’ve picked up at the library for our bedtime stories each week. LM joined the library as part of our Summer Bucket List since this year is the first time I’ve had her off for the full 6 weeks so I was looking for free things to do. Our library is great with a nice big play area and colouring tables to keep her busy if I just want to have a sit down. Every week we go and pick 7 books, one for each night of the week! Although we are now into our 3rd week of summer, this was due to the fact during our first week we went away for 3 days so our books extended into our second week. But things are in full swing now and we’re well into our second lot of 7. These are what we thought of the first books she picked.

Cocktails in Teacups LMs Library Books Week One Parenting Blogging Winnie's Big Bad Robot

Winnie’s Bad Robot by Valerie Thomas
We own one Winnie the Witch book that I picked up at a car boot and although I wouldn’t say it’s one I’ve had to read hundreds of times LM does have a special fondness for this particular witch due to the fact she knows it’s one I loved as a little girl. So I wasn’t surprised when she picked this one. It was a great story, perfect length for bedtime and enough story to hold her attention. She’s past those one line stories and now enjoys when there is a beginning, middle and ending. I love the illustrations although they’re not the kind I usually associate with good books for toddlers (ie, not particularly bold or bright) and there is a lot going on in them but that appealed to LM as she could really study what was happening on each page. As usual, Wilbur saved the day which always pleases us both since we’re huge cat lovers. LM even said that if she was a witch Elsa would be her Wilbur. How sweet.

Cocktails in Teacups LMs Library Books Week One Parenting Blogging Twelve Dancing Princesses

The Twelve Dancing Princesses by Geraldine McCoughrean
I actually sort of chose this one. I want LM to know all the classic fairytales from a young age so when I saw this I showed it to her and as soon as I mentioned it was about princesses, she was sold. It’s not one of those fairytales that have a “twist” to it, it’s just a slightly less complicated version of the original that appeals to children. It was quite long and is the first book I’ve ever read to her that has “chapters” and since it had 6 in total I read 3 one night and 3 the next (because 3 is how old she is). She really enjoyed it despite it being read to her in two halves (I thought that would loose her attention but she was really anticipating the second half the next night). I love the illustrations, they’re really pretty and LM enjoyed looking at them. When we went to change the books I saw they have some other fairytales in this series such as Rumplestiltskin so hopefully we’ll manage to get through them all this summer.

Cocktails in Teacups LMs Library Books Week One Parenting Blogging Spot Goes to the Farm

Spot Goes to the Farm by Eric Hill
Throughout LM’s life we have actually managed to miss the whole Spot stage out. Not for the lack of trying, I have searched car boots and charity shops for Spot stories and i’ve had no luck.. now she’s almost over the Spot stage as there is pretty much no story to the books, she only really enjoys lifting the flaps. As I’m trying to broaden her mind with books this will probably be the only one we ever get. These are great books for when you’re just introducing your child to reading. There really is no substance to it but lifting the flaps is enjoyable and the illustrations are perfect for toddlers. At 3 & a half though LM really is too big for Spot stories. How sad.

Cocktails in Teacups LMs Library Books Week One Parenting Blogging Monster
Monster by Michael Rosen
This was my least favourite of all the books we picked up. It was written in a really weird way that confused not just Little Miss but myself as well. It was supposed to be from the point of view of the dog but in a way that the child reading/hearing it would understand and it just didn’t work. I suppose it was meant to reflect a dogs way of thinking but it just didn’t read well and I found myself reading bits over and over again to make it make sense to LM. It is a great book pictures wise for a kid at the top end of pre-school but aside from that, it just didn’t make a good bedtime story, we won’t be reading the others in the series.

Cocktails in Teacups LMs Library Books Week One Parenting Blogging Lost in the Toy Museum

Lost in the Toy Museum by David Lucas
Now possibly my favourite book of all the ones we checked out, Lost in the Toy Museum was just everything I love about children’s books. The beautiful story, that did have a beginning, middle and end, that was interesting enough for a 3 year old without being too complicated. The story itself was lovely and left me feeling warm and happy, and had LM wanting it to be read again the next night. Put that beside some lovable characters and beautiful illustrations and you have the perfect recipe for a great book. This is one I would even consider buying to keep on LM’s book shelves. I can’t wait for it to get closer to Christmas so we can check out Christmas in the Toy Museum, I know they have it because it was also there when we checked this one out.

Cocktails in Teacups LMs Library Books Week One Parenting Blogging Cinderelephant

Cinderelephant by Emma Dodd
This one was a spin on a classic fairytale, Cinderella of course and it was the first book that LM picked out herself. I think the picture on the front is what drew her to it. It was a really enjoyable version with animals taking on the main parts which appealed to LM. It was easy to read, covered all the main points while still keeping the story. The illustrations were bright, colourful and humourous which had LM giggling. It was a definite winner in our house but I had no doubts that it would be and I’d be happy to read a similar book again.

Cocktails in Teacups LMs Library Books Week One Parenting Blogging Aliens Love Underpants

Aliens Love Underpants by Claire Freedman
Aside from Winnie the Witch, this was the only book I recognised out of the ones LM picked out. She actually picked out the one that also had a Polish translation but it didn’t take anything away from the story as the English text was the bigger of the two so LM didn’t even ask what the Polish writing says. It was a good humourous story, it would have been right up my nephew’s street as he loves anything to do with bottoms and underwear. LM just took it with a pinch of salt. The illustrations were perfect for LM’s age group, bright, colourful but enough details to hold her interest. It was one of those rhyming books that read well but didn’t have much of a set beginning, middle and end. I’d still be happy to check out any others by the same author as it was enjoyable even just to read.

Have you read any of these books? What’s your favourite?

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