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#WeSoFancyDress Back to School Party

Cocktails in Teacups #WeSoFancyDress Back to School Party Asda Fancy Dress

Let’s face it, my kid is queen of fancy dress. If she could dress up every day as a different princess, she would. I think that’s why she loves a Disney holiday so much because she CAN dress up every day. Anyway, before Florida we have to go through 2 weeks of school, which means practical play clothes every day, and a rather unhappy Little Miss, so when Asda gave us the chance to host a #WeSoFancyDress back to school party with some of their range of fancy dress costumes for kids, I jumped at the chance figuring it would keep her going until our trip. I adore Asda’s range of fancy dress costumes for the kids, the Disney ones are usually spot on and never really more than £12.50! The best part is, my nephew also LOVES dressing up, and they both love party food, so everyone’s a winner! I originally wanted to have this party before the kids went back to school but with illness and conflicting time schedules it didn’t happen. However we finally managed it today, celebrating their first full week back to the grind stone, which was also a celebration for my sister and I, surviving the 6 weeks of summer.

Cocktails in Teacups #WeSoFancyDress Back to School Party Asda Fancy Dress Costumes

#WeSoFancyDress Back to School Party Picking an Outfit

#WeSoFancyDress Back to School Party Thor Sister

Cocktails in Teacups #WeSoFancyDress Back to School Party Little Merida

#WeSoFancyDress Back to School Party Nephew

#WeSoFancyDress Back to School Party Food

#WeSoFancyDress Back to School Party Flumps

#WeSoFancyDress Back to School Party Merida and Thor

#WeSoFancyDress Back to School Party Playtime

My nephew was overjoyed at his new costumes. He’s adamant he’s going to have all the Avengers eventually. It’s actually his birthday in 6 days time, which is actually the day we leave for Florida so this was a really fun way to feel like we were celebrating with him. Since there was only two of them, we couldn’t play any real games but we put on some music (Disney of course) and let them have a dance, then they played with some of LM’s toys. They also really enjoyed being able to pick their own food for a party tea. Even Elsa got in on the party, having a lot of fun with a napkin!

#WeSoFancyDress Back to School Party Elsa

Although I’m only going away for 10 days, I know LM and my nephew are going to miss each other a lot. I’m so happy we managed to have this afternoon together before we jet off and let them really let off some steam together. Lets hope they sleep well tonight!

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