The Perfect January Blues Break in London*

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Today the weather is continuing to be absolutely miserable so as you can imaging the January Blues have well and truly set in. Did you know that the January Blues are actually a thing? I could go into the statistics but while researching them I found that they were pretty morbid so lets leave that out. For me, the best thing is a new trip on the horizon. I mean obviously the actual going on the trip is the best part, but I really do love the planning side too. Of course, not everyone can afford to book a trip abroad right off the back of the expense of Christmas and New Year, but if you live in a small town like I do, a trip to the capital can just feel as exotic than heading abroad.

At the moment a lot of flight companies have New Year sales on to really target the people like me who get terrible itchy feet post Christmas. I booked our flights to Disneyland Paris for just over £100 each with Easyjet recently but do you know they also fly within the country? I find flying so much easier than trains and since I do live a fair distance from London I would definitely consider an across the country flight if it worked out cheap enough. Or if you are planning enough in advance, go by train. As I live on the East Coast I usually book through the Virgin East Coast website as they seem to have the best prices and you can collect nectar points (which I then use to get money of other trips on the train!) Flying or taking the train really takes the pressure off driving and gives you the chance to relax.

Since I’ve started taking extended trips with my daughter, I generally choose to upgrade my room as I spend more time there than I did when I didn’t have a child. Now we tend to be back by a decent time to get her into bed, or sometimes we just need a break during the day so she can veg out for a bit. Pre-flight we go budget, but for an extended and slightly more luxurious stay I go boutique, and in London there is no where better than Rosewood Hotel. This would be right up both mine and Little Miss’ street as it feels and looks like a castle. Not only that but it’s situated in my favourite area of London, Covent Garden which is such a central and vibrant area of the city.

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Things to Do
London without a doubt has something of all ages. Museums, historical like the British Museum or fun for kids like the Science Museum. Entertainment such as London Dungeons or Madame Tussauds. All the shopping you could ever want from Oxford Street to Camden. There is the theatre district, site seeing, an abundance of tours. Zoos, aquariums, galleries. London is basically 100 different breaks all rolled into one. As a mother I of course have a different kind of break than ones I used to take with my “then” boyfriend. But as one of my goals this year was to take Little Miss to see a musical, that’s one of my top must dos in London. Time Out have put together a fab guide of 101 Things to do in London with Kids if you get stuck for family friendly ideas.

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Where to Eat
Like with things to do in London, this is personal choice. There are so many different places to eat that it really is to do with what appeals. For me I usually go for something I can find a money off voucher for, or a groupon. You can often even find offers for celebrity chef restaurants too! Although I do enjoy good food, Little Miss really doesn’t so it seems like a waste to take her somewhere and pay full price for the amount she eats. I also love a bargain. Up where I live we never have the luxury of discount vouchers for restaurants as everything is a small business so you always pay full price. Last time I took Little Miss to Bills which was just off Covent Garden, but on our next trip we’ll be hitting up the Harrods Disney Cafe as it’s on my bucket list.

However the number one thing to remember if you want to have the perfect break in London, is to take into the account the people you’re with. Of course if you’re by yourself do as much as possible and eat everywhere you want. But if you’re going with your partner, remember this is a break for both of you and he probably doesn’t want to spend all day on Oxford street with you (of if he does, lock him down!). And if you’re going as a family make sure you find the happy medium and explore places you’ll all enjoy and eat where there is something for everyone.

What are your favourite things to do on a London break?

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