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When it comes to designing your child’s bedroom, you can go about it in different ways. Naturally, your kids must be comfortable in their own room. In fact, home design websites like HGTV recommend a bedroom that encourages creativity and play.


Bedrooms come in many shapes and sizes. Some are built for single occupancy, while others can accommodate three or more kids. However, what’s important is that parents will be able to provide a bedroom that their kids will enjoy spending time in.

If you are preparing a new bedroom design for your child, here are five simple but style-savvy ways to upgrade the room into a fantasy bedroom while carrying a luxury design/décor at the same time:

Ask them what they want
This first tip may sound too simple, but asking your children about their preferred bedroom style could be very helpful. After all, it’s them who will be spending a lot of time in the room. In short, you should give them a bedroom that they will love.

Having an awesome interior design for your child’s sleeping quarters is probably important for any parent. However, you don’t have to go all out and conjure up a luxury design/décor for your child’s bedroom. In fact, they will probably love a bedroom that is more in tune with their interests.

Keep everything reachable
Teaching kids the value of being organized can start in the bedroom. Let them arrange their own things – say, their clothes, books, and toys – by keeping the storage locations reachable for your kids. In other words, keep the important things at your child’s height.

Of course, this goes without saying that you should never store anything harmful or toxic in your child’s bedroom. That way, you don’t have to install cabinets well above their reach or put a lock on their cabinets.

Encourage their artistic and creative skills
A lot of kids have so much creativity in them waiting to be discovered, so why not turn their bedrooms into spacious art centers? Give them opportunities to dabble on their artistic skills through the following design tips:

  • Cover a particular wall with chalkboard paint, so that your child can doodle on that space using chalk.
  • Reserve a portion of the bedroom as their art space, where they can draw and paint to their liking.

Reserve a display space
Let your kids showcase their artwork and collectibles by providing space for display. You can install a corkboard where they can stick their drawings, or a galvanized metal sheet to function as a magnetic board display.

Convert the room into dreamland using lights
Lighting fixtures can instantly turn any room into a dreamy space, and this is especially useful for bedrooms designed for children. Here are some ways to use lights as bedroom enhancers:

  • Install different kinds of lighting. Aside from the basic room lights, you may put up special reading lights near your child’s desk, or night lights to lead their path towards the bathroom.
  • Use character-inspired lighting fixtures that your kids identify with the most. You can find them in most hardware stores and even in some toy shops.

Apart from the look and style, the décor in children’s bedrooms must also influence them to become more organized and at peace in their personal space. Remember that the bedroom is one of the places in your home where your kids will spend the most time in, so better make the most out of it.

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