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Are we really over 6 weeks into the new year already? How did that happen? Of course that now means we’re up to “singles awareness day” or as everyone else knows it, Valentines Day. Of course I’ll be spending the evening alone, probably getting drunk and crying about how after 4 years I’m still alone (I’m allowed to be sad about it every now and then, OKAY?!) So what can I do? A movie night, some pampering, with chocolate and wine.. obviously! And wouldn’t it be nice if I could watch something on a new Panasonic’s 4K Ultra HD TV? A girl can dream. Anyway, to cheer myself up I’ve compiled a list of my favourite movies to watch on “that” day, although I’ll probably only get time to watch one before I confine myself to a hot bath and catch up on this weeks episode of New Girl.

Valentines Day Movies for the Single Gal Cocktails in Teacups Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect
Pitch Perfect is without a doubt one of the funniest female lead comedies to come out in the last 10 years, even the second one still carried which is rare for a sequel. It’s all about girl power and although there is a hint of romance it’s not enough to make you feel bad about being single. It’s definitely the laugh out loud comedy you need to watch that really makes you want to spend time with your girl friends rather than be cuddled up with a smelly boy.

Cocktails in Teacups Disney Life Travel Parenting Blog Valentines Day Movies for the Single Gal Shes The Man

She’s The Man
Again, it has a romance aspect to it, but the comic relief doesn’t make you want to shot vodka because you don’t have a man. I have so much love for this movie as it was made at Amanda Bynes peak when she was completely hilarious, plus it’s based on my all time favourite Shakespeare play, Twelfth Night. Half the time I don’t even realise that it’s a romance, I’m to busy laughing at what’s happening and it’s probably a movie I can quote from start to finish. It really never gets old.

Cocktails in Teacups Disney Life Travel Parenting Blog Valentines Day Movies for the Single Gal Shes The Man

Mean Girls
I can’t really do a post like this and not include Mean Girls, which is undoubtedly one of the best chick flicks of all times. It’s a classic and you cannot fail to enjoy it. I’d say of all the movies I have in my collection it’s the one I’ve watched the most. I don’t think I’ve ever met a girl who doesn’t enjoy it and I definitely finish watching it feeling much better about myself haha.

There are a few more than I completely adore but don’t actually have on DVD.. such as The Sweetest Thing and Clueless which are also great if you need a boost!

And movies not to watch when single on Valentines day? Moulin Rouge, The Notebook, Notting Hill.. well basically anything from the 90s with Julie Roberts or Hugh Grant.. of course you could boycot the girly movies all togther and go for horror or action, rarely any romance there to make you want to vom!

Cocktails in Teacups Disney Life Travel Blog Valentines Day Movies for the Single Gal

What movies do you find enjoyable when you’re on your own?

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