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Little Miss Cosplays – New at Closet Geek

Goodness it’s been forever since our last edition of Little Miss Cosplays but a lot of that has been to do with the lighting in my lounge and the fact I felt disillusioned with photography for a while. But since setting myself a challenge of improving my photography skills in 2017 I’ve dug it out and dusted it off, ready to practice my portraits again. And what better way to practice than to take some photos of the fantastic dresses Bee has been working on for Closet Geek?





Peter Pan Inspired Dress* RRP £25
We all know how much Little Miss loves Peter Pan so I think this Peter Pan inspired dress has been in the works for a long time and she adores it! It’s going to be perfect for our August trip to Disneyland Paris, especially if I can get some little Peter Pan style boots. The colours are perfect and since it’s winter just now I’ve teamed it with her winter boots and a pair of tights (Peter Pan wears tights after all!) Her dagger is from Walt Disney World and Tink was from the Disney Store in New York City. Her matching hair bow however is also available at Closet Geek for £3.50. Little Miss adores it, although her true calling is to play Wendy Darling as much as possible, she does like to occasionally be her hero. And girls can fight pirates too!





Cinderella Rags Dress* £35
I’m all about Little Miss being different and standing out from the crowd which is why she has so many peasant and rags dresses rather than the big gowns. Don’t get me wrong, she adores the gowns but being someone who has visited the Disney parks, they’re not very practical for all day wear. This Cinderella one is going to be perfect for Disneyland Paris because it has the longer sleeves. You know immediately who it is without it being the big silver/blue gown and she looks perfect in it. Jaq & Gus came from the Disney Store back in 2015 and are no longer sold. I just need to encourage her with the cleaning now! The dress comes with the apron.





Alice in Wonderland* RRP £45
On Thursday it was World Book Day and this is who Little Miss decided to go as this year. If I’m perfectly honest I think LM looks more like an Alice than a Wendy but I’d never dare tell her that so I was happy when she decided she had to be something different this year. I am so in love with this dress, it’s gorgeous. It’s inspired by the dress Alice wears in the Disney parks and it’s so cute. I love the fabric, the edging on the apron and collar, just everything about it. It’s definitely going to last a fair few park days and a lot of washes as it’s so well put together unlike the Alice outfits you can buy in stores. Her white tights were from eBay, her shoes are from Clarks and her hair band is from eBay although I’m sure Bee can make you one to match the dress. Her Mad Hatter came from the Disney Store and her White Rabbit came from Disneyland Paris. Altogether they really complete the look.





Princess Leia Inspired Dress*
This was a custom design that Bee made for Little Miss for Christmas. Bee isn’t a huge Star Wars head so it’s not listed in the store, but I’m sure you can request it. I ADORE it as does LM. Princess Leia is her hero and whenever she plays Star Wars with my nephew she picks to be Leia over Rey. We’re planning on wearing this dress to go meet Darth Vader at Disneyland Paris in the Spring and we’re both excited and nervous! The dress and belt were made by Bee, the wig and white polo neck top were from eBay. I think she looks amazing and it’s a great tribute to Carrie Fisher. Leia will always be our Princess.

As well as the cosplay style dresses, there are some more play dresses newly listed on Closet Geek;




Pokeball Inspired Dress* £25
Little Miss is hugely into Pokemon at the moment so she was hugely overjoyed at this dress. It’s right up her street. It’s a nice simple design, perfect for playing in (although LM wears it when she pretends to me off on her Pokemon journey using my Pokemon Go on my phone haha).

Captain America Inspried Dress* & Wonder Woman Inspired Dress* both £25
Little Miss isn’t really into her Super Heroes unless they’re from Big Hero 6 but she did enjoy modelling these dresses for Closet Geek and she did actually know who they were (I guess that’s because her nephew is a big fan.) They’re perfect for the summer and would be great if you’re heading out to Universal Studios in Florida (or even Disneyland in California since Captain America meets in California Adventure!). Really light weight and personally I love how Little Miss poses in the Wonder Woman dress below. She’s such a poser!


Of course the store doesn’t just sell kids clothes, and even then Bee is always happy to take on commissions. Closet Geek is your one stop shop for all things geeky; ears, bows, jewellery, clothes, bunting and I know she has a lot more ideas currently in the works.

I cannot wait to see what’s next for Closet Geek!

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