Who Killed Jason Blossom in Riverdale? – My Favourite Theories

In the past I’ve often written about TV shows I’m watching or my favourite moments in a series, but this is my first time commenting on a plot line in a TV show. However, both my sister and I are completely obsessed with Riverdale at the moment particularly with Jughead and Betty and especially with the through line of the entire season of who killed Jason Blossom.

If you haven’t started watching the Netflix original series yet, why the hell not? It’s based on the Archie comic books, something I adored growing up (I loved Betty, I was always a Betty, but back then I was all about Betty and Archie). I haven’t been this addicted to a TV show since the early days of Lost and Gossip Girl. The writing is good, the characters are good, it has drama and comic relief, and the writers sure as hell know how to stick in a cliff hanger. The 13 episode season has constantly kept me guessing who killed Jason Blossom which happened right at the very start of the show! I must have changed my mind at least 12 times in the last 11 episodes. But tonight, we apparently will finally know (although I have a feeling that only the characters will know, just to mess us up some more) who did it.

If you type “who killed” into Google, Jason Blossom is the first thing that comes up, everyone has their own theories and their own suspects so today, in the few hours before the 12th episode airs I’m going to share my top three guesses and why. So beware SPOILERS.

Hal Cooper, Betty & Polly’s Dad
If you’d asked me at the start of the season who I thought did it, I would have said Alice Cooper hands down, however as the season progressed as much as I think she’s a first grade bitch, I don’t think she murdered Jason. Her husband Hal however, he seemed to not care about who’s life he destroyed. He persuaded Alice to get an abortion before they had Polly and Betty, and he tried to convince Polly to do the same thing. He has a huge grudge against the Blossoms because his grandfather was murdered by Clifford Blossoms grandfather. He seems to be very shut down, manipulative of his wife and out for revenge. He even broke into the Sheriff’s office and stole all the evidence! I feel that after Polly refused the abortion, he had a few drinks (we seem him drinking fairly often) then went after Jason. Maybe he didn’t intend on killing him, just tie him up and keep him away from Polly but then something happened that caused him to snap.

Clifford Blossom, Cheryl & Jason’s Dad
THIS GUY HAS A ROOM OF WIGS! Like who cares so much about their image that they wear a wig every day so people don’t know they’re going grey? The fact he cares about being a red head this much is so shifty to me. Surely if he cares this much about his hair, he cares a lot about his son knocking up a Cooper and planning to run off with her. Would it bring disgrace to his family? Could this be an honour killing? the Blossoms are always afraid Cheryl is going to show them up, it’s all about image and I don’t even think she trusts her parents, lets not forget the whole thing about them having the ring, it just seemed weird. Then they drugged Polly? I go between Clifford and Hal, then sometimes I even wonder if they did it together. Hal was holding Jason hostage so he couldn’t run off with Polly then Clifford came along and shot him. To be honest anything is possible in Riverdale, there have been so many different clues that any of the adults could have done it. They’re all so shifty.

Someone who has always been in the background but no one has noticed
A few of the cast have mentioned that at first some of them had a surprised reaction but after thinking about it they said it made sense. So is it someone who’s been in the background all along? And once we know and we all sit and binge watch the whole season again we’ll see it staring us in the face. I go to this theory a lot as everyone else just seems too obvious. The Blossoms and Coopers have such obvious motives, then the Lodges could be a possibility because of their connection to the Blossoms which then implicates Jughead’s dad FP and the Southside Serpents. It could even be Polly, Cheryl or Betty! Because it could be anyone, I feel like it’ll be no one that’s been considered just to throw us all.

Finally, a theory I’ve just discovered while researching this piece but I kinda like, it was Ms Grundy‘s ex. I’m not sure I actually believe the story that she was a victim of abuse running from her husband especially as her final scene made her appear to be lining up her next young conquest making her a backwards Lolita. Until I read this theory I was 100% sure that she was purely a red herring, a very strange plot device. HOWEVER this theory makes sense. The one thing about the whole Ms Grundy plot to me it felt so pointless. It made sense on the surface, the writing was good, even the end clip of her eying up a new boy, but why the illicit affair in the first place? It served little purpose except for making me really dislike Archie (where as I adored him in the comics). But what if it was planted right at the beginning who the killer was and clues have been left throughout the season without us really taking note. What if Ms Grundy’s ex husband picked up a red head he believed to be Archie, tortured him and killed him because he thought he’d stolen his wife? Throughout the season it’s implied at least once an episode how alike Jason and Archie are. Archie was at the river that day. What if it’s a case of mistaken identity and has nothing to do with the Blossoms, Coopers or Lodges? I cannot believe the writers deliberately draw this comparison for no good reason and this theory ties together this and the Ms Grundy plot line that feels so pointless 10 odd episodes on. I would think it so clever that everything else would have been red herrings. And that would mean the killer could still strike.. NOT ONLY THAT, the sneak peek implied that there is a death of an innocent, what if Jason was the innocent!?

Well guys, I’m seriously stressed out and tense about this episode, along with being totally hyped to finally know who did it! Leave your theory in the comments!

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