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My 5 Favourite Chick Lit Authors

I always vow I’m going to blog more about books and reading but I never do. I’m always afraid I’ll give away spoilers if I review anything which is why I’ve decided to share favourite authors today rather than books. So far this year I’ve read 14 books, the last time I read that many books it must have been 2012 so I’m pretty impressed with myself. I’ve been doing a lot of long train journeys and that means I can power through without distractions. My favourite genre of books these days is either Young Adult Fantasy (can’t be bothered with those teen growing pains ones, being an adult is much worse kids) and Chick Lit. My life is so hectic that I need something easy to read, I did all the hard core reading while studying English Lit and now I’m simply ready to read as a form of escape.

Today I’m sharing my favourite Chick Lit authors, after summer and holidays are the perfect time to delve into a chick lit book. All these ladies are the queens of summer reads and their books are perfect to pop into your suitcase.

Belinda Jones
Diva Las Vegas, I Love Capri, The Travelling Tea Shop & more
The first chick lit book I ever read was Diva Las Vegas, recommended to me by my best friend Bee (also a Belinda) when I was about 16. She was reading it around the same time. I was hooked on the genre from then on. Belinda Jones books all follow a similar pattern but for me that’s comforting. The lead character, always female and always someone I want to be, has to go away to somewhere exotic/go on a journey, often with friends, sometimes alone, meets a guy, they have the will they/won’t they moments and finally it ends happily. Sometimes I need that hope that I’m going to meet someone and it’s all going to work out wonderfully. Not only that, a lot of her books are based around the US, and she writes US from a Brits point perfectly. Some of my favourites along with Diva Las Vegas are I Love Capri (I was so desperate to go explore Capri after that book), The Travelling Tea Shop (cakes and a road trip from New York to Boston) and The Love Academy (old tales of Italy, romance and a school for singles, sign me up!) I’m constantly searching Amazon for her next release as I know I’m going to love it before I even read it.

Sophie Kinsella
Shopaholic series, The Undomestic Goddess, Can You Keep a Secret? & more
I first picked up a Sophie Kinsella book after watching Confessions of a Shopaholic (I love Isla Fisher) and obviously it was The Secret Dream World of a Shopaholic. The book has a lot of differences to the movie but despite the messes Becky Brandon nee Bloomwood gets herself into (and sometimes you really do want to punch her in the face) she gets herself out. I might not always love Becky but what I do consistently love is Kinsella’s voice and writing style. Reading her books make me happy. They draw you in and that’s probably why I binge read all the books that were currently out in the Shopaholic series (I think I got up to Sister) and I’ve bought the newer released ones in hard back. Sophie Kinsella has also a wonderful range of books not connected to the Shopaholic series that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. They’re stand alone and such good reads. I also never feel like I need more which I love in a stand alone book, I feel like I’ve had closure and that’s important. Aside from the Shopaholic series I love Twenties Girl but more so Can You Keep a Secret? Such a good plot line and so funny!

Lindsey Kelk
I Heart series, We’re On a Break, The Single Girls to Do List & more
Her first ever book was called I Heart New York and I picked it up while I was flying to New York after a break up, much like the lead character Angela Clark. Her break up however was much more harrowing than mine but still, Angela was there when I needed her most and I think that’s why the whole I Heart series is special to me. The whole series sees Angela evolve which I think is fantastic and her books are genuinely laugh out loud (and I won’t lie, I’ve cried a few times too). I honestly can’t wait to see how the story continues in I Heart Forever. Like Kinsella she has some stand alone books I’ve enjoyed too, The Single Girls to Do List is a MUST if you’re fresh out of a relationship, it even gave me some ideas of what to do and you’ll hear yourself saying “yes” to a lot of the prose. I also really enjoyed We’re on a Break which I downloaded onto my iPad when flying home from Florida last October, again it was proof of Kelk’s writing evolution and I couldn’t put it down, I finished it in the 8 hour flight.

Kathleen Tessaro
Innocence, The Perfume Collector, Rare Objects & More
A definite different sort of chick lit author from the other ladies mentioned but Kathleen Tessaro is probably one of my favourite authors. Her books are intoxicating and I just get lost in them. I love her characters, they’re always different from everyone else in society and that’s why I love them. Innocence was the first book I ever read by Tessaro. I read it at 18 on my drive to University, leaving home for the first time to study drama, like the lead character Evie. I read it again last year as a 28 year old single mother and I STILL identified with the lead character. Tessaro is also a huge influence on my own personal writing style and I’ll cite her as an inspiration for my own book when I finish it. I have loved every single one of Tessaro’s books but aside from Innocence, The Perfume Collector & Rare Objects were my favourites. She picks all my favourite times in history and turns them into stories with wonderful characters. I honestly don’t have enough praise for her books, they’re just perfect.

Louise Pentland
Wilde Like Me
Louise is a wonderful human so obviously I went out and bought her first novel Wilde Like Me, she’d mentioned a few times on Twitter how I was going to love Robin Wilde and I did. I loved her and I loved the story because Louise knows how to write single parents and parenting in general. It was funny, witty, smart, emotional and already I’m aching for more. Louise’s voice came through so clearly and the story was so endearing. I love Louise’s blogs, her social media and her as a person (I was lucky enough to hang out with her at the beginning of June and she’s been a solid source of reassurance and cheerleading for me this year) but her calling is 100% as an author especially one who champions single parents doing it for their kids. Robin Wilde is me, her struggles at the school gates, giving endlessly for her child and struggling with online dating. I sobbed so much into the pages as I read. June was super tough for me, and Robin Wilde arrived at the right time encouraging me to keep going to make an effort to get what I want. I need more Wilde, I think we would be friends.

If you’re looking for a summer read then look no further than novels by any of these women, you’ll come away with loads of new friends even if they’re only in the pages of a book!

What was the last chick lit book you read?

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