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Marrying the man or woman of your dreams should be an easy task – but with the combined stress of planning a wedding (and the emotional breakdowns and tears that go with it) and choosing where to go on your honeymoon… it can all get too much, too fast. Thankfully, the wedding day soon goes by without a hitch – apart from you guys getting hitched – and you can look forward to your first holiday as a newlywed couple. But where do you go when you’re feeling like the happiest girl on Earth? Well, the happiest place on Earth, of course!


A whole load of fun
Nowadays, the traditional honeymoon is slowly dying out, with more and more people opting to have a heck load of fun – instead of laying on a beach and doing nothing. Of course, there’s nowhere more entertaining than Disneyland. A Disneyland honeymoon gives you the chance to check out all of the attractions Disneyland has to offer… and there’s a lot of them! You can get your blood pumping on the roller coasters, you can smile so much your cheeks hurt on ‘It’s A Small World,’ you can meet your favourite fairytale princes and princesses, you can watch the amazing fireworks, and you can check out your dream house – Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. You’ll never get bored, guaranteed.

You can stay in amazing resorts
Your honeymoon is the most important holiday of your life, so why stay in a boring old hotel? Luckily, Disneyland offers some of the most incredible themed resorts for you to rest your head (y’know, when you’re not having the time of your life in the park). If you want my advice, there’s no hotel better than Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel. This beach-themed hotel is a step back in time with all of the modern amenities you could possibly need. You can chill out in the themed rooms, take a dip in the rooftop pool and slide down the waterslides, you can dine with Minnie Mouse by your side, and you can see Disney’s California Adventure from your window. Really, what could be better? The only downside of this hotel is that it’s a little pricey (it is Disneyland after all) – but if you grab yourself a honeymoon registry with you can ask your wedding guests to contribute towards a few nights!

There are so many honeymoon perks
All Disney fanatics will know that you just can’t visit Disneyland without wearing a pair of Disney ears. Sure, you might have twelve (or one hundred and twelve) pairs at home, but a Disneyland honeymoon requires an extra special pair of ears… your honeymoon ears. Yep, they are gosh darned cute, but these ears will also help you on your way to receiving honeymoon perks – and who doesn’t want to be treated like a Princess? If the staff know it’s your honeymoon, they will often go out of their way to make it even more magical. This might be a free upgrade in your hotel room, a free bottle of champagne or a free dessert during your meal, or just a bit of extra care and attention.

So here’s the big question – should you go on a Disneyland honeymoon? In my opinion, it’s a no-brainer!

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