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If you have a new little addition to the family, you are probably still bathing in the warm fuzzy feeling of being on cloud nine. Your gorgeous little bundle of joy is probably your sole focus at the moment, and you’re relishing everything that motherhood has to offer. However, on the horizon, you can see a challenging situation coming into view. Not so long ago you sold your property and bought yourself a new pad – one that is much more conducive to family living. Moving day is swiftly approaching, and you’re beginning to panic. You’ve only just got your little one into a sleep routine, he or she is becoming more relaxed and content when self-soothing and you’re just starting to get a bit more shut-eye yourself. Does moving home jeopardise all your hard work? Not necessarily. Take a look at these handy tips to help you complete a successful home move.


Before The Move
It pays to try and feign a little bit of organisation, even if this is not one of your strong points. Make a list, source your boxes and get all of your documentation in order. With a little one in tow, it can be hard to find the time to pack all of your treasured belongings in the most secure way. Why not consider heading to this website to discover the joys of relinquishing the packing duties to the professionals. They know exactly how to package even the most fragile of items in the safest way possible, they’ll do it in half the time you can, and all you’ll need to do is supervise and make the odd cup of tea. Employing a service like this when you have a baby can seem like a Godsend and is well worth the financial outlay.

Moving Day
Although it may take some planning, it pays in the long run to stick to the same routine if you can. If feeding time is midday and you’re on the road to your new humble abode, don’t plough on leaving your little one to whimper because they’re hungry. Pull over, get to a service stop and give your little darling a quick bottle. The same goes for nap times. If your baby is used to having a couple of hours in the land of nod mid-afternoon, stick to it otherwise you could be in for a world of hurt in the following days.

Arriving At Your New Pad
In the chaotic scenes of boxes, bubble wrap and tape, try to keep one room free from all clutter and set up your baby’s cot straight away. This little peaceful haven will be the perfect retreat for your little one. Try and build the cot in the same way, with the same bedding, the same musical mobile and same night light. The ambience of the room should match the previous nursery as perfectly as possible. This will lead to a better night’s sleep for your bundle of joy and minimal disruption.

Moving day is stressful, even more so when there’s a baby in tow. Use this advice to help you alleviate as much stress as possible and make your moving day an anxiety-free experience.

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