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Whether you’re keen to embark on a new career path or just want to learn new skills, distance learning with an online course, such as those provided by NCC Home Learning, could be the ideal solution.

What is Distance Learning?
Distance learning is a term that refers to online courses which are supplied by a course provider. They may either be an independent adult education provider, like NCC Home Learning, or an existing college or university which offers the opportunity to learn from home.

A distance learning course involves receiving educational materials at home which are then studied through interaction with a course tutor through the internet and completed in independent work. Some distance learning courses are purely online only, whereas others have occasional on-site classes.

Rather than having to attend a university or college regularly, students have the benefit of being able to fit in their study around their everyday life, whether they are in full time or part time employment or whether they have to care for family members.

While many distance learning courses are academic or vocational and lead to useful qualifications which are recognised by employers, others are designed to widen the student’s knowledge of a subject that interests them.

The Advantage of Flexibility
One of the greatest benefits associated with home learning is the flexibility that this form of studying brings. Students can choose the time and place at which they study, whether in their office, their living room, or even while away on holiday. Students can study during the day, during the weekends or in the evening to meet their needs, and this allows them to fit in their learning around other commitments like work or family needs.

Students don’t even need to be based in the UK to obtain a qualification on a distance learning course, and can study from anywhere in the world, making this a truly flexible way of learning.

Support Paired With Independence
Distance learning is an ideal way of studying if you prefer your own independence. Those who like to just get on with things by themselves will appreciate the freedom they receive from this type of learning, and will enjoy being able to work at their own pace and in their own preferred manner to get through the necessary tasks.

Even though distance learning requires students to take responsibility for a lot of their own studying, they can still rely on excellent support from their online tutor. A qualified professional is in charge of each course and can offer help and advice whenever needed so that students never need to feel overwhelmed or that they are struggling with a particular topic.

For those who disliked their experience of formal classroom study, the independent nature of distance learning represents an especially attractive way to gain qualifications without the need to go back to school.

New Career Opportunities
By enrolling on a distance learning course, you can benefit from the opportunity to launch a brand new career. Many of the courses available for online learning are vocational in nature, and therefore open up a range of new career paths. Courses as diverse as beauty therapy, counselling and childcare can give learners the chance to move into a new job that they really love.

For those who are already working in a job that they enjoy, distance learning can provide an excellent and convenient way to deepen your skillset and to obtain further industry-relevant qualifications which can help you to progress up the career ladder in your chosen path whilst fitting in your study around your existing job.

Opportunities For Non-Traditional Learners
One excellent feature of distance learning is that it opens up educational opportunities for non-traditional learners. Mature students who would like to return to education much later in life, perhaps even after retirement, single parents who want to study around caring for their young children, and those who struggled at school and found themselves uncomfortable in a traditional learning environment can all benefit from an online course.

Whether you are interested in distance learning for academic and career purposes, or whether you just want to develop one of your interests, there are many benefits to taking an online course, not least the sense of achievement that you get from your success.

NCC Home Learning are a high quality online course provider specialising in offering a wide range of courses across a broad spectrum of subjects. Visit their website today and find out how you can develop your interests and boost your career opportunities.

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