Sun Chasing Travel Bucket List*

When it’s this cold I always like to imagine myself somewhere hot, or think about hot places I want to visit. It definitely helps with my winter blues. White sandy beaches, a cocktail in hand, crystal waters… and of course some adventure because I’m not really a beach holiday type of person. I love the beach to be an option but I need places to explore, historical or exotic, trips to go on otherwise I feel like the trip is a bit of a waste. I can relax at home in my own bed under a ton of blankets and Netflix. My dad on the other hand loves a beach holiday so I really think it’s personal preference.

While planning these kind of bucket lists, I like to know I have an up to date passport and some travel insurance at my disposal, so if the situation arose I could just jump on a plane out of here. Rigby Financial offers some great travel insurance offers to suit everyone. Going on any trip, travel insurance is vital for me. Not every country offers a free health care system like NHS, and a lot require you to pay up front or prove you have insurance before you’re even treated should you become ill or are in an accident. I also have this huge fear of my bags getting lost, having good travel insurance cover gives me peace of mind.

So, where would I like to visit, that ticks all my boxes? Starting close to home;


Spain is a country I’ve wanted to visit for a long time. My sister’s co worker is from there and she comes home telling us stories all about the food, and that along with the culture is enough to make me want to visit. Although the beaches on the islands and mainland are incredibly popular with families, I’d probably wait until LM was a little older and visit some more historical places where we’d explore in the day and eat lots of tapas at night.


Moving further a field, Thailand. Is there anywhere more exotic than Thailand? I remember watching The Beach in my early teens and feeling like that would be exactly what paradise looks like. I later found out that the movie was filmed there and it’s always been a dream to visit. I feel like I missed out not being able to use my student loan to go, but maybe once LM is a teen or even left home I’ll get there! It would be a complete dream to visit Phi Phi and you can read more about it here.


Oh, the Seychelles. Honeymoon destination for many. But for me it’s all about those beautiful beaches and fantastic wildlife. I’d love to take LM as she’s a huge animal lover and the Seychelles is known for their ocean preserves and giant turtles. Plus the weather is fantastic. Our of all the far off beach places I want to visit, the Seychelles is the one I’m most likely to take Little Miss. It’s also a shorter flight with it being off Africa rather than in the far east.


I’m no stranger to flying west and although I mainly do mainland USA, I’d love to do the Bahamas too but perhaps as a cruise so I can see multiple places. A lot of my friends in Florida take trips to the Bahamas and it always looks amazing. There is a lot of history there too which would appeal to me, and of course animals for LM.


Finally, Bali. Another popular Honeymoon destination, this far off island would be the perfect stop off should I ever get around to doing my New Zealand trip (Lord of the Rings nerd here). Last year Bali was named as Trip Advisors Top Tourist destination which says it all really. As tourism to the island grows, trips become more affordable.

What sun seeker destinations would you like to visit?

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