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It is most people’s dreams to travel, to see and experience more. It’s not an out of reach goal; make a list of places to visit and start ticking them off. On your list you should include what you can do when you go, and why you want to go there.

It can be hard to start, finding the time to travel and deciding where to go first. Glasgow is the perfect place to tick off your list. There is so much to do and so many things to see, if you’re not convinced here are just some of the things to do in Glasgow.

Look at luxury hotels
Finding a nice hotel can be difficult, if you’ve not been there before it’s often hard to decide if it’s the right hotel for you. There are plenty of luxury hotels and all you need to do is look, if you’re thinking of doing a lot of sightseeing on your trip you might want a simple bed and breakfast. But then again you might want to spend more time at the hotel.

Depending on what your plans are you could pick a hotel close to some of the attractions that you want to see, or you could stay on the outskirts of Glasgow.

Do some sightseeing
You might want to visit some of the amazing sights that Glasgow has to offer. There are a lot so to narrow it down think about whether you want to stay outside or be inside. There’s the open top bus tours, you can see most of the city on this and hop on and off when you want to explore.

You can see the medieval style Glasgow cathedral, the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, or It might be that you want to become one with nature and visit the Glasgow botanic gardens and Glasgow green.

Want to keep fit?
Whilst you’re away, you might want to keep fit and healthy; this is easily done in Glasgow. There are plenty of places to walk around; Pollok Country Park extends over 146 acres, so you could spend the day walking around taking in all the beautiful views. There are places to picnic and even mountain bike circuits for those real fitness fanatics.

You could look at hotels with gym facilities and a swimming pool to help you keep fit. It’s not everyone’s idea of a getaway, but it might help you release some energy.

Why not relax?
If you want to spend a few days relaxing in Glasgow, you could look at luxury spa hotels that offer the opportunities to do a few different things whilst not being far from the comfort of your room.

You could even have a spa weekend away, relaxing for the entire trip. In any spa you go to, they always offer different treatments to suit your needs and you it could also be the break you’ve needed.

It’s the season to be festive
If you’re planning to visit Glasgow before the New Year, you could take part in the festivities. Visit the traditional Christmas markets on George Square and St Enoch Square. There will be gifts, food, entertainment and there’s even a carousel to ride.

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